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Lidraughts is a rewrite of lichess/lila for draughts, supporting both 10x10 and 8x8 boards. It includes the 10x10 variants Frisian draughts, Antidraughts, Frysk! and Breakthrough. The 8x8 variants are Russian and Brazilian draughts.

It features live games, computer opponents, tournaments, simuls, tactics, board editor, analysis (with engine), studies / shared analysis, coordinates training, forums and teams.

Computer opposition and analysis is made possible by Fabien Letouzey's great engine Scan 3.1 for all 10x10 draughts variants.

The UI is currently available in 21 languages including English (GB and US), translated with a varying degree of completeness: Belarusian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, German, Greek, French, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Mongolian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese (also Brazilian), Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian; and out of respect for Frisian draughts of course also in Frisian!

Please help us translate Lidraughts with Crowdin.

The source includes a draughts implementation of scalachess in modules/draughts. The UI component chessground is implemented for draughts as ui/draughtsground.

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