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This deployment is deploying VM on which is installing automatically VSTS agent and adding this VM to VSTS agent pool. Is also shutting down automatically everyday VM on 18:00 CET. During deployment you have to add imporntant data for your VSTS Project.

Deplyment time: 15 minutes 46 seconds

Configuration security token:

Create a new simple-vm-with-installation-vsts-agent instance


  1. adminUsername [User name]
  2. adminPassword [Password for user]
  3. dnsLabelPrefix (default set: generated based on ResourceGroup.Id) [Public DNS for connection RDP]
  4. vmName [VM Name for resource]
  5. urlvsts [URL for your VSTS project]
  6. auth (default set: PAT) [Authentication method for your VSTS]
  7. token [Security tokent for your VSTS]
  8. pool (default set: default) [Pool name for agent in VSTS]
  9. AccessIPNSG [Your local IP for NSG to alow you connection to VM]
  10. tag [default set: "Project: VSTSAgent"]

Command to deployment

New-AzureRMResourceGroup -Name VSTS -Location westeurope 
New-AzureRMResourceGroupDeployment -ResourceGroupName VSTS -TemplateURI "" -Verbose


Piotr Rogala