ISO chroot-only for Gentoo Ebuild and Utilities Development
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ISO chroot-only for Gentoo Ebuild and Utilities Development.
Overlay of ebuilds for the necessary packages to be added in the ISO.

Download from: or

Full details about development in Gentoo in

Details about creating or editing ebuilds in

Naturally, this is a Sabayon base system (that means lots of packages were built by the Sabayon team via Portage and packaged via Entropy package manager),
so it automatically comes with a Entropy installed with full development repositories + the overlays from which the packages were built with Portage.

Documentation for Entropy Binary PM:

Also, the procedure in which packages are created and handled by Entropy is called mixing, and the documentation:

And of course, the Gentoo Handbook

If you are a pure-Gentoo user/developer and already know the system, you can safely ignore Entropy packages and use only Portage.

There are already some default settings for packages.mask packages.unmask packages.keywords, you can change them freely as your knowledge permits to.

To install it as an overlay in a Gentoo planet distro, use the command: 

layman -f -a default-development -o