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Volt meter exercise using a PIC16F18345 micro controller to drive a LTC-5723HR LED
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Volt Meter Exercise with PIC16F18345 and LTC-5723HR

This repository holds code for a PIC microcontroller programming exercise, taking a PIC16F18345 and turning it into a crude volt meter using the chip's built in FVR (fixed voltage reference) peripheral. The measured voltage is converted to user-readable digits displayed on a LTC-5723HR seven-segment LED display. The seven segments (plus decimal point for eight LEDs total) are connected to the PIC's port C so a digit update can be sent out in a single byte to LATC.

Demonstrates usage of:

  • FVR (fixed voltage reference) peripheral
  • ADC (analog to digital converter) peripheral
  • ISR (interrupt service routine) to keep LED refreshed

More details at


Most of the code are standard boilerplate code provided by Microchip Technology Inc. and subject to their licensing restrictions. See source code files for details.

Code created by me, Roger Cheng, is released under the MIT license.

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