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Parts List

Printed Parts

To Build Sawppy the Rover, you will need to print the following parts. Quantities and notes are listed.

You will need about 3kg of filament to print all the parts.

88 Clip2n125 Print a few extra for spares
12 Clip3n20 Print a few extra for spares
6 Wheel Hub Print a few extra for spares
10 LX-16A - Coupler Print a few extra for spares
10 LX-16A - Bracket
6 Wheel
4 Steering Knuckle
4 Body Corner
2 DiffBrace
2 DiffLink
1 DiffLower
1 DiffUpper
2 Rod Support
1 Power Panel
2 Fixed Knuckle Mirrored
2 Front Corner Mirrored
2 Rear Corner Mirrored
2 Bogie Wheels Mirrored
2 Bogie Body Mirrored
2 Rocker Mirrored
2 Rocker Body Mount Mirrored
2 DiffEnd Mirrored
2 Battery Tray Mirrored


The following are lengths and quantites for the shafts. You should make the differential axle from steel, and the others can be made from aluminum or steel.

If you're careful and/or lucky, you can get all the shaft you need from a pair of 500mm shafts, not counting the 300mm shaft you need for the differential shaft.

Please see Shaft dimensions for more details.

The lengths below are approximate, depending on groove size. The important dimensions are the distances between the grooves.

1 300 Differential Shaft
6 50 Wheel Axle Shaft
4 61 Steering Shaft
2 66.5 Suspension Bogie Pivot Point
2 84 Suspension Rocker Pivot Point


You will also need the following hardware

10 LX-16A Servos
30 608 Bearings
300 M3x8mm socket head screws
28 M3x16mm socket head screws
300 M3 washers
300 M3 nuts
100 M3 threaded inserts
100 5/16" external retaining clips (E-Clips) See Shaft dimensions for more details
22 M3x8 set screws
2 Turnbuckles See Main README for more details
40 1/4" long Philips #2 brass screw

Aluminum Extrusions Beams for Rover Chassis

The following quantities and lengths are required to build Sawppy:

Quantity Length (mm) Purpose
4 385 Main body box, lengthwise
4 245 Main body box, widthwise
1 238 Main body differential fixed beam
2 182 Suspension member connecting rocker joint to front wheel
2 161 Suspension member connecting rocker joint to bogie joint
2 122 Suspension member connecting bogie joint to mid wheel
2 117 Suspension member connecting bogie joint to rear wheel