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Sawppy the Rover

$500 Budget breakdown

Sawppy the Rover was designed with the price target of a basic rolling chassis for under $500 in parts. This chart breaks down general areas of spending. Prices in this chart are in United States dollars and reflect rough price range available within the USA. Bargain hunters may be able to get these parts for closer to $400. On the flip side, I've been told some of these parts cost significantly more outside of US. This is only a rough guideline.

Component Price Notes
Raspberry Pi 3 $50 Including microSD card, case, and 5V regulator
LewanSoul LX-16A servos $150 10 x $15 each
LewanSoul USB interface board $10 Sometimes called "BusLinker" or "Debug Board"
Misc. electronics $20 Power switch, volt meter, fuse with holder, wires and connectors
Battery pack $25 A 5200mAh 2S LiPo battery pack will allow several hours of operation
3D printing filament $75 3 x 1kg spools @ $25 each
Aluminum extrusions $45 Price for Misumi cutting service. Cut yourself for less, more details here.
8mm shafts $10 Price for 8mm steel rod stock, more details here.
608 bearings $20
Turnbuckles $10
Misc. hardware $75 Screws, bolts, washers, nuts, heat set inserts.
Laser cut acrylic for equipment bay $10
Total $500