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AssembleDifferential.md Fill in fastener details Jun 17, 2018
AssembleDriveModules.md Note to repeat non-steering drive module Jun 17, 2018
AssemblePivotJoints.md Repeat for rocker joint mirror-image. Jun 17, 2018
AssembleRocker.md A few more details. Jun 17, 2018
Misumi HFS 3.md Link to Misumi for HFS 3-series Jun 15, 2018
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This directory has information for building your own Sawppy the Rover

3D Printed Components

General overview of 3D-printed rover parts.


Customized Metal Components

Mechanical Assembly

For an overview of the construction technique used here, combining aluminum extrusion beams with 3D printed connectors plus using design-specific M3 nut installation tools, please see this article on Hackaday.com.

If any part of the assembly instructions are unclear, consult the CAD file to see how parts are supposed to fit together.

Once all the wheels are bolted on to the suspension, your Sawppy will be mechanically complete!

Mechanical chassis