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mw46d Additions

  • I created some extra parts to interface the Dynamixel AX-12's with the original parts. But my LX-17 servos arrived in time, so I did not really try the AX-12s.
  • I created motified knuckles to use 25D geared motors with shaft-encoders. ( I'm using the 100rpm versions of the motor and they work very well and allow me to get the encoder readings and use those for speed/distance calculations. The only downside is, that I have to deal with many more cables:-( Originally, each side had just three, now I have 3 (for the steering servos) + 3 * 6 (for the drive motors).

A little night excursion:

25D_Motor_1.jpg 25D_Motor_2.jpg 25D_Motor_3.jpg 25D_Motor_Control.jpg


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