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Pixelblaze project Glow Flow
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Accelerometer Tilt 3D
Glow Flow
Glow Flow Schematic.png
Glow Flow with illuminated diffuser in the dark.jpg
rgbxyz accelerometer
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rgbxyz sweep

Glow Flow

Glow Flow is an interactive light sculpture project that reacts to sound, light, and motion. The light show is orchestrated by a Pixelblaze running code in the file Glow Flow in this repository, sensing its environment via the optional sensor expansion board. Other Pixelblaze patterns in this repository were experiments and research files leading up to Glow Flow itself.

Click the image for a YouTube video summary of this project. Glow Flow

Mechanical chassis was designed in Onshape CAD and 3D-printed. CAD file is available here.

Project Page on

Sporatic Twitter updates part 1 and part 2.

For more details see build log entries tagged "Glow Flow" on

Schematic: Glow Flow schematic

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