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ROS Nodes for Sawppy Rover
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ROS software for Sawppy the Rover

STATUS: Abandoned.

Rhys Mainwaring, a member of the Sawppy builders community, has stepped up to deliver a full ROS Melodic software stack. I see no point in duplicating effort.

This repository hosts software for driving Sawppy the Rover using ROS (Robot Operating System).

This branch is focused on ROS Melodic Morenia. Functionality on other ROS distributions are not guaranteed.


  • Install ROS Melodic Morenia as per instructions.
  • Create ROS workspace as per instructions. (By default ~/catkin_ws)
  • Go into the /src subdirectory of your workspace and clone this repository. (By default ~/catkin_ws/src/sawppy_ros)
  • Return to the root of ROS workspace (by default ~/catkin_ws) and run catkin_make
  • (More steps to follow once it is actually running...)
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