AllegroForthKit: A portable framework for programming games and other applications with Allegro 5 in standard Forth.
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AllegroForthKit (aka AFKit) is a framework for making games (and other apps) in standard Forth using Allegro 5.

Documentation on GitBook


The main point of this framework is to bring up a hardware-accelerated graphics window.

The portable low-level gaming library Allegro 5 powers it.

Forth Foundation Library is included for capabilities often required when working with modern libaries and file formats- features such as XML, Base64, MD5 etc. XML DOM access and Base64 are automatically loaded.

AFKit is not a comprehensive game development library; it is a cleaned-up version of Bubble with fixed-point, Komodo-specific, and game-development-framework files removed and provisions for portability added. For a more complete game development package check out Ramen.

Cross-platform Support

Currently officially supported platforms:


/kitconfig.f specifies compile-time parameters, and loads the appropriate platform config file. That files defines the PLATFORM string, which follows this format: <systemcode><oscode><archbits> For example: sfwin32 = SwiftForth, Windows, 32-bit

The platform config file creates other compile-time constants and loading platform-specific files such as FFL and Allegro. These files are the appropriate place to put "adapter" definitions or include other optional libraries.

Getting Started

If you downloaded a release, put it in your project folder.

Make copies of kitconfig.f and allegro5.cfg, removing the underscores.

Set platform to the appropriate string. See the Cross-platform Support section.

On Linux, you will need to install Allegro and the addons. As of this writing 5.2 is the latest version.

sudo apt-get install liballegro5.2:i386 \
liballegro-acodec5.2:i386 \
liballegro-audio5.2:i386 \
liballegro-dialog5.2:i386 \
liballegro-image5.2:i386 \
liballegro-physfs5.2:i386 \
liballegro-ttf5.2:i386 \


SwiftForth is available from FORTH Inc. The trial is fully functional apart from lacking source code.

From the SwiftForth prompt, change the current path to the root of your project (if needed) and "0 0 0 INCLUDE afkit/afkit.f" or "include afkit/main.f" and type go for a simple demonstration.


When allegro-audio is defined, audio-allegro.f will be loaded, which reserves 32 samples for playing samples with play_sample, and a default mixer and voice.

The Piston (main loop) - afkit/piston.f

This is a standard main loop with many features.

To enter the main loop type GO or just press enter without entering anything. A default program defined in display.f will run. Stop the loop by pressing F12.

The piston has 3 phases. The event handling phase, the step phase, and the display phase. 3 words are used to tell the loop what to do during these phases. These words have a syntax similar to DOES>.

  • SHOW> sets the display.
  • STEP> sets the logic.
  • PUMP> sets the event handler.

Links and Resources