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Eclipse plugin and associated projects (feature, update) to assist development of rules and workflow files.
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This Eclipse Plugin supports editing of Madura Rules and Madura Workflow files. The Madura Suite makes use of rules and workflow definitions. Unlike similar products it keeps these definitions in text files rather than maintaining them with a complex UI. But a helpful editor is always welcome and this plugin provides two of them. One for the workflow definitions and one for the rules definitions. There are also creation wizards for each to get you started, syntax checking and content assist while you edit, and an outline to help you navigate. These are just editors, they do not provide a runtime environment.

Install the plugin into your Eclipse IDE using the button below or from the update site:

Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

More details on usage here(PDF)

Build the Plugin


To modify the plugin (as opposed to using it) you need:

  • Eclipse Luna (4.4.0)
  • Java 1.8
  • The SLF4J OSGi package

To install SLF4J use the Orbit software update site: Go into Eclipse>Help>Install New Software then Add... Orbit

Now add the following options:

Logging Options

You should also add SLF4J API (which is not shown in the image because it is already installed).


  1. Run the maven build with goals clean process-resources in the top project to update the sub-projects with the correct versions and dependencies. These are copied from the templates directory and the maven dependencies.
  2. Refresh the workspace.
  3. Invoke Project>Build all from Eclipse. That will build the feature and plugin sub-projects.
  4. Open the update project's site.xml file in the editor. Click on Synchronize and then click on Build All.
  5. Run the (uncommitted) to copy the contents of to the update site.


To test changes to the plugin run the plugin project with Run As>Eclipse Application

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