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A small interface made for the "Escuela Bíblica para Todos" cd for "Editorial Bautista de Venezuela.
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Educación Bíblica para Todos - CD Version

A small interface made for the "Educación Bíblica para Todos" CD for "Editorial Bautista de Venezuela.


  • Bootstrap 3.3.5
  • Jade Template Engine

How to run it?

You need to install npm and Jade. Here are the instructions:

First, clone the repo to your pc:

$ git clone

Then, install npm:

$ sudo apt-get install npm

After installing npm, you need to install Jade globaly:

$ sudo npm install -g jade

To compile the sources you must:

$ cd ebptcd/src
$ jade *.jade -o ../

This will compile every .jade into html inside ebptcd/src folder to the ebptcd/ folder.

And that's it.

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