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An unofficial .NET API Wrapper for the Discord client (http://discordapp.com).

Check out the documentation or join the Discord API Chat.


Stable (NuGet)

Our stable builds available from NuGet through the Discord.Net metapackage:

The individual components may also be installed from NuGet:

The following provider is available for platforms not supporting .NET Standard 1.3:

Unstable (MyGet)

Nightly builds are available through our MyGet feed (https://www.myget.org/F/discord-net/api/v3/index.json).


In order to compile Discord.Net, you require the following:

Using Visual Studio

The .NET Core workload must be selected during Visual Studio installation.

Using Command Line

Known Issues

WebSockets (Win7 and earlier)

.NET Core 1.1 does not support WebSockets on Win7 and earlier. It's recommended to use the Discord.Net.Providers.WS4Net package until this is resolved. Track the issue here.