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adds specific file coala #3

merged 1 commit into from May 17, 2019
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Just for now

adds specific file coala

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RohanVB committed May 17, 2019
commit 80233a51281d9aecd6e82c32ea6aa51ed736fe29
@@ -0,0 +1,47 @@
files = *.py, coala_langserver/*.py, tests/**/*.py

max_line_length = 79
use_spaces = True

# Patches may conflict with autopep8 so putting them in own section so they
# will be executed sequentially; also we need the LineLengthBear to double
# check the line length because PEP8Bear sometimes isn't able to correct the
# linelength.
bears = SpaceConsistencyBear, QuotesBear
language = python
preferred_quotation = '

bears = PEP8Bear, PycodestyleBear, PyDocStyleBear
pydocstyle_ignore = D100, D101, D102, D103, D104, D107,
D200, D203, D205, D209, D212, D213, D400

[linelength] # Sometimes autopep8 makes too long lines, need to check after!
bears = LineLengthBear
ignore_length_regex = ^.*https?://

bears = GitCommitBear
shortlog_trailing_period = False
shortlog_regex = ([^:]*|[^:]+[^ ]: [A-Z0-9*].*)

enabled = False
bears = LineCountBear
max_lines_per_file = 1000

enabled = False
bears = KeywordBear
language = python3

# Note that the ci_keywords and cs_keywords are only used here because coala
# 0.8.x (current stable release) needs them.
ci_keywords, keywords = \#TODO, \# TODO, \#FIXME, \# FIXME
cs_keywords =

bears = YAMLLintBear
files = *.yml
@@ -0,0 +1,38 @@
Run coala on specific files only
Authored by: and
# todo: add proper references

import sys
import os
import io
from contextlib import redirect_stdout

from coalib import coala

class use_coala(object):

def log(*args, **kwargs):
return print(*args, file=sys.stderr, **kwargs), sys.stderr.flush()

def specific_file(working_dir, file):
sys.argv = ['', '--json', '--find-config', '--limit-files', file]
if working_dir is None:
working_dir = '.'
f = io.StringIO()
with redirect_stdout(f):
retval = coala.main()
output = None
if retval == 1:
output = f.getvalue()
if output:
use_coala.log('Output =', output)
use_coala.log('No results for the file')
elif retval == 0:
use_coala.log('No issues found')
use_coala.log('Exited with:', retval)
return output
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