Software Design and Development (COMP 225) class project; Create a JavaScript game with PHASER framework.
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Save the Eggs

Software Design and Development (COMP 225) class project; Created a JavaScript game with PHASER framework.


Save the Eggs is a mobile game developed with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and the Phaser game engine. The objective of the game is to save as many eggs as possible by catching them in the bucket. Touch and drag the bucket from side to side across the screen and catch the falling eggs. Catching a bomb will subtract a life. The user has three lives to spare before the game ends. Failure to catch an egg will subtract points from the score. The game will end if the user's score reaches zero this way.


Save the Eggs is currently compatible with mobile devices. The game is currently deployed as an Android app (apk) and works on browsers on iPhones 6, 7, and 8. (Note that this game is not compatible with a desktop or tablet.)


To install the game on an Android device, we need:

  1. To install the game's dependencies. We use Yarn for dependency management, so just install Yarn and run it in the folder containing package.json.

  2. Zip the SaveEggsGame folder

  3. We can use for wrapping up our folder.

    1. Go to: and register for an account
    2. Upload your zip file (with WinRAR) and go to the settings stage
    3. In your Android's settings, switch Webview engine > Webview, Orientation > Portrait Fullscreen > No
    4. We need to add an Android key in the signing section. Please see: for reference
    5. Save all changes and compile the project
    6. Download the zipped and compiled file. Use WinRAR to unzip the apk file
    7. Go to the command line and find the unzipped folder's directory
    8. Connect your Android device with the computer
    9. Enable Developer Mode on your phone
    10. adb install theCompiledGame.apk (tab)

For Developers

We used HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and the Phaser game engine to build our game. We used Webstorm IDE as our editor for JavaScript.

Download Webstorm

Download Webstorm. Also, if you’re student, you can download the full version with your student account.

Clone with Webstorm

Click ‘VCS’ >> ‘Check out from Version Control’ >> Git in Webstorm start menu. Log in to your github account. Copy our github repository URL and paste it to ‘Git Repository URL’ textbox.

Running the game on Webstorm

Webstorm has its own local server. Open index.html in Webstorm and on the upper-right side, click on the brower icon you want to run.