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Fogshot Overview

Fogshot is a FogBugz plugin for Greenshot (a screenshot utility for Windows). It allows you to upload annotated screenshots directly to your FogBugz instance.

At this stage, it has only been tested with the following Greenshot versions:

  • Greenshot-RC7-INSTALLER-

You can download any of these versions from here

Configuration and Installation

To install, you will need to exit Greenshot first. Once you’ve built the project, you’ll need to execute the Powershell script called ‘SendPluginToGreenshot.ps1’ from the bin directory (release). This will copy the relevant files to your Greenshot installation. You should probably double check that your Greenshot installation directory matches the value of $greenshotPath.

Once installed, you will need to configure your FogBugz account settings. You can do this by clicking EDIT > PREFERENCES. Click on the PLUGINS tab, select the FogBugz Plugin and click Configure.