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v 6.9.1

Fix for transform on refresh overload for source list#220.

v 6.9.0

Introduction of Preview operator which applies to soure cache and source list #218. There is a detailed explanation of in the preview wiki

Fix crash in parallel transform when value is null #216

v 6.8.0

Update to MsBuild.Sdk.Extras v1.6.68 #207

Add overload for AddOrUpdate with IEqualityComparer parameter #204

Update to latest version of SourceLink in order to compile on mac #203

Add ToSortedCollection() operator for ObservableCache and ObservableList #202

Fix expire after bug #196

Add overload for TransformMany to support IObservableList #193

v 6.7.1

CountChanged not working on SourceCache #188

v 6.7.0

Added overloads of Bind() to support binding to BindingList #182

Fix for TransformMany when a refresh event is received #173

v 6.6.1

Fix for UWP load issue. See additonally comment on #161

Dynamic filter with source list not filtering correctly when item is not initially matching filter #164

v 6.6.0

Upgraded DynamicData.ReactiveUI to use minimum version of ReactiveUI v9.0.1. This effectively marks DynamicData.ReactiveUI as obsolete as it provides apaptors for ReactiveList which is no longer supported by the ReactiveUI team.

Support for UWP #161

v 6.5.1

Fix locking error in SourceCache internals #153

v 6.5.0

Memory and performance improvements for the observable cache, which has been achieved by reducing the number of allocations when maintaining state and when creating change sets.

Updated Dynamic Data to use minimum version of Rx v4.0.0 #124

Improved debugging experience thanks to embedded symbols #147

Performance improvement for Bind operator in observable list #143

Enable the creation of an observable change set from any enumerable #132

Fix bug in distinct values in observable list #139

Filter(reapplyFilter) throws an ArgumentNullException #128

OnItemAdded and OnItemRemoved for SourceCache #135

Also a previous PR #126 to optimise sorting has been reverted due a bug which caused an occasional crash in in Dynamic Trader. The intention is to fix the bug and restate the PR at a later date

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