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iOS game that still earns some money :) You can download it from App Store

game written for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad in Objective-C using Cocos2D-iphone. There is 2 build targets - normal and lite versions.


iOS3.0+ (might need plblocks compiler for iOS4.0-)


Map editor written in HTML/JS. Open index.html in browser, press "load" copy and paste all text from one of maps. To save click save, copy & paste to new plist file. iPhone and iPad have different maps.



for Cocos2D and CocosDenshion see their license
all code in /MapEditor/* and /iOS/Classes/* are licensed under GPL v2
all maps, images and sounds ( /iOS/Resources/* /iOS/Resources-iPad/* /iOS/Resources-Lite/* /MapEditor/Resources/Images/* ) are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs ( CC BY-NC-ND )

please, don't steal like Where's My Path?. It's perfectly fine to use code, but please, please, please make your own artwork and maps.


Into Cocos2D and game development? Checkout out another my open sourced game Heredox