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; This executes after the code in VMInitialize.asm
.text:004020FB mov esi, [ebx] ; ESI := pCurrInsn from VM Context
.text:00402412 lea edi, [ebx+38h] ; EDI := Instruction within VMContext
.text:00402164 cld
.text:00402323 mov ecx, 18h ; ECX := sizeof(VMInstruction)
.text:00402206 rep movsb ; Copy raw instruction from pointer into VM Context structure
.text:004022DD lea eax, [ebx+38h] ; EAX := Instruction within VMContext
.text:00402428 mov ecx, 18h ; ECX := sizeof(VMInstruction)
.text:0040224C mov edx, [ebp+0BB1h] ; Fetch XOR key from .text section
.text:00402396 push edx ; Arg #3: XOR key
.text:00402397 push ecx ; Arg #2: size (sizeof(VMInstruction))
.text:00402398 push eax ; Arg #1: VMInstruction within VMContext
.text:00402399 call XorDecrypt ; Decrypt VMInstruction by XORing with key
; See disassembly in VMPreInitialize.asm (search for XorDecrypt)
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