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void Initialize()
DWORD *dwGlobal = GetVMContextThreadArray();
DWORD dwThreadIdx = GetThreadIdx();
VMContext *thContext = dwGlobal[dwThreadIdx];
// Initialize pointers in thContext. This is pretty wasteful -- these
// pointers shouldn't be changing across VM exits. It would be faster to
// initialize them once in PreInitialize().
thContext->pPICBase = (void *)0x00402131;
// This is "label_VMEntry_after_preinitialization" from void VM()
thContext->fpFastReEntry = (fpReEntryNoState)0x0040247C;
thContext->fpLookupInstruction = &FindInstructionByKey;
if(g_Mode == X86_USERMODE)
thContext->fpEnterFunctionPointer = (fpReEntryHasState)0x00402B92;
thContext->fpEnterFunctionPointer = (fpReEntryHasState)0x00402BC6;
thContext->fpExecuteVMInstruction = (fpReEnterToInstruction)0x00402C39;
thContext->fpRelativeJump = (fpReEntryHasState)0x00402B74;
thContext->fpNext = (fpReEntryHasState)0x00402B68;
// These three lines are the only thing that changes across runs. Everything
// else in this function should be in PreInitialize() (and perhaps the
// setting of the current instruction should be moved from there to here).
thContext->pSavedEsp1 = ESP;
thContext->pSavedEsp2 = ESP;
ESP = thContext->pDataEnd;
return thContext;
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