Hook script for LetsEncrypt.sh to allow automatic manipulation of CloudFlare DNS records for the dns-01 verification.
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Implements a hook script for LetsEncrypt.sh which can use the CloudFlare API to set the challenge tokens for the specified domain names in the certificates when the dns-01 verification type is used.


Configure CloudFlare authentication in the script by uncommenting and specifying the $CF_AUTH_USR and $CF_AUTH_KEY variables within hook.sh. Alternatively, leave them commented and export them before calling the hook.sh or letsencrypt.sh scripts, like so:

export CF_AUTH_USR="example@example.com"; export CF_AUTH_KEY="1234567893feefc5f0q5000bfo0c38d90bbeb"

In order to use the hook script with the ACME client, you will have to specify dns-01 as the verification type and the path to the script:

./letsencrypt.sh -t dns-01 -k hook.sh ...

You can also set the verification type and the path to the script in config.sh.

The letsencrypt.sh script will also call the hook script with the deploy_cert argument when a certificate is ready. The hook.sh script handles this by checking if a deploy.sh script exists, and if so, it will be called with the following arguments:

./deploy.sh domain-name path-to-key path-to-cert path-to-fullchain

If special handling is required for any of the issued certificates, copy deploy.sh.example to deploy.sh and modify as necessary.

Similarly, unchanged.sh will be called with the same parameters, if exists, for certificates which were not renewed, since they are still valid.