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@zankevich zankevich Fix syntax highlight 116480d
@wldcordeiro wldcordeiro Revert 458410b69bcb61e954d38e002ce40b8f60c8f5f7...f33571345c20ecb12db0843f8c96a0ce37034f47 on Tutorial 26de264
@SandWind SandWind Created Tutorial (markdown) f335713
@daniely daniely add link to rolify with rails fixtures doc 2b8eb7f
@daniely daniely Updated Rolify with Rails fixtures (markdown) a525967
@daniely daniely Updated Rolify with Rails fixtures (markdown) 4df5800
@daniely daniely Created Rolify with Rails fixtures (markdown) f1d9021
@wldcordeiro wldcordeiro Updated Usage (markdown) 101042b
@wldcordeiro wldcordeiro Updated Configuration (markdown) 83d1f22
@wldcordeiro wldcordeiro Updated Installation (markdown) b9ec655
@Timmehs Timmehs Updated Devise CanCanCan rolify Tutorial (markdown) 4806e04
@wldcordeiro wldcordeiro Updated Home (markdown) 95c837a
@wldcordeiro wldcordeiro Updated Home (markdown) 9af3dce
@wldcordeiro wldcordeiro Updated Home (markdown) f5a45af
@wldcordeiro wldcordeiro Updated Home (markdown) d9fd542
@wldcordeiro wldcordeiro Updating references to CanCan to point to the supported CanCanCan fork 852fc2e
@weedySeaDragon weedySeaDragon made the title more specific so it's clear what it covers (was just 'tutorial') 458410b
@ariannasavant ariannasavant manually specify role_cname in options hash, when using a rolify class called anything other than 'Role', to have `resourcify` correctly assign the polymorphic association 2bf5150
@theo-bittencourt theo-bittencourt FAQ - Update example of .resourcify method options 14adccf
@eubenesa eubenesa Updated Using rolify with Devise and Authority (markdown) b409f3a
@alec-c4 alec-c4 Added hint how to use rolify with uuid b64a104
@haerde haerde Updated Tutorial (markdown) 275e4ce
@gyardley gyardley Updated FAQ (markdown) c030f04
@gyardley gyardley Updated FAQ (markdown) 5974e54
@gyardley gyardley Updated FAQ (markdown) 1eeb524
@gyardley gyardley Improved multiple sets of roles question ee6deb1
@tmaier tmaier Replace #map(&:id) with #pluck(:id). ad84d91
@nerakdon nerakdon Changed word order. 69e1087
@EppO EppO added finders methods scopify error info ec5b2af
@EppO EppO added finders methods doc fd82ee3
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