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v0.1.2 Updates:

  • Added a feature which allows user to have names whispered to them
  • Added capability to generate multiple names from an arbitrary number of namesets.
    • e.g. !markov setA setB setC, etc.
  • Added help flag to command ( !markov -h or !markov help )
  • Renamed this file to play nicely with GitHub.

v0.1.1 Updates:

  • Added a feature that allows user created namesets to be used via handouts.
  • Removed the state code since Markov does not need to maintain state.
  • Added a user option to not search though handouts for Markov namesets.
  • Added this

This script lets you generate names using the Markov chain algorithm (

To use simply type !markov into the chat. A derived name will be generated and displayed in the chat. Example output:

  • Maliauc
  • Janeran
  • Maraindice


Markov uses a default nameset of English names to seed the Markov name generator.

You can include your own namesets for the Markov name generator to use.

To do this create a handout in this format:


Name: latin
Notes: Neque,porro,quisquam,est,qui,dolorem,ipsum,quia,dolor,sit,amet,consectetur,adipisci,velit
GM Notes: markov

Alt text

To use this above example you would need to restart the API sandbox after saving the handout and then you can use the latin nameset with this command:

!markov latin

Example output:

  • consciam
  • ectet
  • ques

User Options

If you have many handouts and you just want to use the default nameset it is recommended that you clear the checkmark in the user options for this script.

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