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Hc Svnt Dracones Second Edition

Official Character Sheet


V.1.61 (2019-11-26)

  • Small bugfix for a unresponsive checkbox(Mind Stat "2 Profs") in Exp Table
  • change Battlescore default to zero from previous arbitrary "20"

V.1.60 (2019-11)

  • "XP purchase"-section(Page 3) now automatically adjusts "XP Spent" and "Remaining Exp" when checking/unchecking new entires in the section(it does not prevent from selecting both options in places where ther are choices, nor does it prevent selecting things out of order).
  • Editing "Total Exp" also updates "Remaining Exp" accordingly
  • "Xp purchase"-section updates the numbers in the "Progression Purchase Tracking"-section, as well as increase credits amounts accordingly if credits have been gained through it. Adds a hidden "attr_progression_credits_track" attribute for tracking how many times credits have been gained through XP purchase
  • "XP Purchase"-section choices now updates the Six Main Stats, Focus_max, Readiness_max, Base_move, Initiative_max and max number of known Techniques on the first page.
  • If any checkboxes are unchecked, it also reverts the corresponding stat increase. The sheet only increments the stats based on checkbox actions, so the stats can be edited before/after using the "XP Purcase"-section.

V.1.20 (2019-10)

  • add "Quantity" field to Inventory section, and instructions that appears when hovering over "Cost" or "Gear Score"
  • add "source" field to techniques
  • change "Cargo Points" total to directly use attr_mass_base and attr_body_exert
  • removed default cargo point, gear score and cost values from equipment at request
  • Change all "Progression Purchase Tracking" attributes to start as "0"(was "1")
  • Change all "Notoriety Purchase Tracking" checkboxes to start unchecked on new sheets(was all checked previously)
  • minor visual adjustments

V.1.06 (2019-06)

  • typo fix & update preview img
  • few fields accept decimal inputs now and bug with body/community tracker on pg3 is fixed
  • HSD2:fixed version number
  • fixed exp tracker and mistakes on progression chart
  • Adjusted Techniques & Quirks sections to fit 9 rows each
  • fixed Notoriety tracker rendering for Chrome

V.1.00 (2019-06)

  • Initial release
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