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Exalted, Second Edition Character Sheet

Character sheet for Exalted, Second Edition by White Wolf Publishing.


exalted2e.css and exalted2e.html must be saved with Unicode encoding. Using Unicode character codes does not currently work with the character sheet system, so the characters themselves must be used. Saving the file as ANSI, etc. will break the appearance of the character sheet.

To Do

  • Add Ability sections for Lunars, Abyssals, Infernals and Sidereals
  • Fix the stat-tracking radio-inputs so that stats are truly zeroed with the first radio-button, in the way every other Wolrd of Darkness sheet works
  • Fix roll buttons in Combat section
  • Add roll buttons for stats in general
  • Refactor code: move roll template to the end, place html sections in order they appear on sheet, borrow more code from later WoD sheets


If you feel you've contributed to the development of this character sheet, don't forget to add your name here!

  • Brian Shields
  • Benjamin Bandelow
  • Andreas J.



  • Dragonblooded abilities are now tracked by separate Roll20 attributes, as not to interfere with the default Solar abililtes. The Solars abilities are no longer hidden with the red checkbox by default.


  • added dragonblooded ability tracking
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