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Arduino library to interface with the VESC bldc over UART.
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If you send me a pull request where you also confirm, that it is well tested, than I will merge it to this project.

#VescUartControl library

Library for arduino to interface over UART with the Vesc BLDC controler ( It is used in the ArduBoardControl. Refer here:

The files libraries




are directly forked from

All available UART handlers the VESC can deal with can be found in the file commands.c ( in the function commands_process_packet. You can write easily own handler functions. Use converting functions in the library buffer.c.

The rest shut be comment sufficient in the VescUart.h. Take also a look to the RX-Site of the ArduBoardControler (

##Requirements to use this library on bldc FW

The needed changes where already merged by Vedder to the FW. :)

In bldc-tool please activate UART and if needed the nunchuk application.

##Some details to the UART port used in the VESC

It is a uint8_t byte stream.

First byte:

0x02 for payload length of 256 byte >> next byte is for the payload length

0x03 for >256 byte payload length >> next 2 byte for the payload length

The follwing 2 bytes after the payload are the checksum. (see crc.h)

The byte stream it terminated with a 0x03.

For more details please refer also to

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