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To run the program: 1.) Open ipython 2.) type 'imort tracker_runs_v2 as tracker' 3.) '' 4.) Enter the event number that you want to look at. 5.) Admire the glorious plots and fits //NOTE: each time you run the program it does generate an ouput file with title 'output#.txt' where # is the event number//

Group members

  • Ben - Data I/0
  • Robert - Data analysis / track separation
  • Kyle - Fitting algorithm
  • Kelsi - Visualization
  • Royce - Team Lead, Debugger

The goal of our project is to analyze and describe partical trajectories.

Our basic outline is to

  • Format data - separate incoming data into a rectilinear format that will then be section off into linear arrays
  • Filter - create a filter that will sort through the data using smaller groupings of local data to identify clusters with limited hardware footprint
  • Calculate - mathematically describe the clusters of data, at this time we are unsure of what the best algorithm would be to compliment those already existing
  • Visualize - create a visual representation that will allow interested parties to have a straightforward interpretation the data