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# from
# Caption (use lastline for tabs)
caption always "%?%F%{-b gk}%? %L=%-Lw%45>%{-b kg}%n%f* %t%{-}%+Lw%-0<"
# Hardstatus (update xterm title)
# do not overwrite byobu's
# hardstatus string "SCREEN @ %H: %-n - %t"
# Do not leave old content (e.g. from less/vim) on the screen, when exiting
altscreen on
bindkey -m ^[w eval "stuff ' '" writebuf "exec sh -c 'xsel < /tmp/screen-exchange'"
# Shift-PageUp and Shift-PageDown control without Ctrl-A Esc
termcapinfo xterm|xterms|xs|rxvt ti@:te@
bind j focus down
bind k focus up
bind t focus top
bind b focus bottom
# fix copy'n'pasting (current line is filled with spaces (from vim))
# source:
defbce on
defscrollback 30000
# bind ctrl-left/right (experimental):
bindkey "^[[1;5C" next
bindkey "^[[1;5D" prev
# bind Shift+PgUp/PgDn
bindkey -m "^[[5;2~" stuff ^b
bindkey -m "^[[6;2~" stuff ^f
# workaround
# if this causes problems try/use ".i" instead
attrcolor b ""
# Enable 256 color terminal (from byobu)
termcapinfo xterm 'Co#256:AB=\E[48;5;%dm:AF=\E[38;5;%dm'
termcapinfo xterm 'Co#256'
# Change to home directory (this is used for new windows by default)
# for more/related discussion about this see:
chdir $HOME
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