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This is a randomizer for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64.

WARNING: This branch is a modified version of the randomizer. It is not officially supported and may be very unstable. Please refrain from asking questions and from reporting issues in the main Randomizer Discord when using this branch. Instead, you can open an issue on this fork here or contact me directly on discord (Roman#7295) for any help, report or request.

Differences between this branch and the main Dev branch (on Testrunner's Fork):

  • Various GUI tweaks and improvements along with setting tooltip/option changes
  • 2 new advanced ER settings: "Mixed Entrance Pools" and "Decouple Entrances"
  • Picking up Gold Skulltula Tokens in non-Tokensanity displays a self-closing textbox which no longer freezes the player.
  • "Bombchus In Logic" is improved to include bombchu drops (from grass, pots, etc) that start dropping once you have found Bombchus.
  • New cosmetic setting to randomize the color of some additional equipment and items.



To run this program, clone this repository and either run for a graphical interface or for the command line version. They both require Python 3.6+. This will be fully featured, but the seeds you generate will have different random factors than the bundled release. To use the GUI, NodeJS (v14, with npm) will additionally need to be installed. NodeJS v16+ is currently not supported. The first time is run it will need to install necessary components, which could take a few minutes. Subsequent instances will run much quicker. Supported output formats are .z64 (N64/Emulator), .wad (Wii VC, channel IDs NICE/NRKE recommended), Uncompressed ROM (for developmental purposes, offline build only) and .zpf/.zpfz (patch files, for sharing seeds with others).

This randomizer requires The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time version 1.0 NTSC-US. This randomizer includes an in-built decompressor, but if the user wishes a pre-decompressed ROM may be supplied as input. Please be sure your input ROM filename is either a .n64 or .z64 file. For users playing via any means other than on real N64 hardware, the use of the "Compress patched ROM" flag is strongly encouraged as uncompressed ROMs are impossible to inject for the Virtual Console and have random crashing problems on all emulators.

For general use, there are four recommended emulators: Project 64 (v3.0+), Bizhawk, RetroArch and Dolphin (latest beta). All are race-legal when configured appropriately. In a nutshell the differences are:

  • Project64 is the lightest emulator and the easiest to setup, however, you will need the 3.0.0 version or later to run OoTR well (and earlier versions are not permitted for use in OoTR races).
  • Bizhawk is the most resource-intensive, but easier to set up than RetroArch and the only race-legal emulator to support Multiworld.
  • RetroArch is less resource-intensive than Bizhawk and the only of the three N64 emulators to work on platforms other than Windows, but it can be frustrating to set up.
  • Dolphin lets you emulate Wii VC, giving you access to faster pauses. It's also lightweight, available on other platforms than Windows, easy to setup (on Windows at least) and offers good native support with most Gamecube Controller Adapters. It does come with more lag, although that can be mitigated through overclocking (this is not permitted for racing).

Please follow the guides on our wiki carefully to ensure a stable game experience and that the settings requirements for races are met. OoTR can also be run on an N64 using an EverDrive, or on Wii Virtual Console. For questions and tech support we kindly refer you to our Discord.

General Description

This program takes The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and randomizes the locations of the items for a new, more dynamic play experience. Proper logic is used to ensure every seed is possible to complete without the use of glitches and will be safe from the possibility of softlocks with any possible usage of keys in dungeons.

The randomizer will ensure a glitchless path through the seed will exist, but the randomizer will not prevent the use of glitches for those players who enjoy that sort of thing, though we offer no guarantees that all glitches will have identical behavior to the original game. Glitchless can still mean that clever or unintuitive strategies may be required involving the use of things like Hover Boots, the Hookshot, or other items that may not have been as important in the original game.

Each major dungeon will earn you a random Spiritual Stone or Medallion once completed. The particular dungeons where these can be found, as well as other relevant dungeon information can be viewed in the pause menu by holding the D-Pad buttons on the C-Item Menu. Note, however, that the unlock conditions for dungeon information are settings-dependent.

As a service to the player in this very long game, many cutscenes have been greatly shortened or removed, and text is as often as possible either omitted or sped up. It is likely that someone somewhere will miss the owl's interjections; to that person, I'm sorry I guess?

Getting Stuck

With a game the size of Ocarina of Time, it's quite easy for new Randomizer players to get stuck in certain situations with no apparent path to progressing. Before reporting an issue, please make sure to check out our Logic wiki page. We also have many community members who can help out in our Discord.


The OoT Randomizer offers many different settings to customize your play experience. A comprehensive list can be found here.


"Plan"-domizer is a feature that gives some additional control over the seed generation using a separate distribution file. In such a file you can:

  • Place items at specific locations or restrict items from being placed at specific locations.
  • Add or remove items from the item pool.
  • Select items to start with.
  • Set specific dungeons to be vanilla vs Master Quest.
  • Set which trials are required.
  • Set any regular settings.

Caveat: Plandomizer settings will override most settings in the main OoTR generator settings, particularly list-based settings like enabled tricks or starting inventory. For example, if the Plandomizer distribution file contains an empty list of starting items, and the generator settings include additional starting equipment, the player will start with none of them instead. You will have to edit the Plandomizer file to change such settings, or delete completely the line in the Plandomizer file with the given setting to allow the main generator to alter the setting.

See the Plandomizer wiki page for full details.

Known issues

Unfortunately, a few known issues exist. These will hopefully be addressed in future versions.

  • The fishing minigame sometimes refuses to allow you to catch fish when playing specifically on Bizhawk. Save and Hard Reset (NOT savestate) and return to fix the issue. You should always Hard Reset to avoid this issue entirely.
  • Versions older than 3.0 of Project64 have known compatablity issues with OoTR. To avoid this either update to v3.0 and follow the rest of our PJ64 guide or change to one of our other two supported emulators.
  • Executing the collection delay glitch on various NPCs may have unpredictable and undesirable consequences.
  • This randomizer is based on the 1.0 version of Ocarina of Time, so some of its specific bugs remain.



New Features

  • Settings

    • New setting Dungeon Shortcuts opens shortcuts in blue warp dungeons to the boss room. This is toggleable per-dungeon, and affects glitchless logic.
    • New setting Shopsanity Prices adds additional price range options when Shopsanity is enabled, including "Affordable" which sets all prices to 10 rupees (to match the same option in Scrub Shuffle).
    • Chest Size Matches Content has been replaced with Chest Appearance Matches Content. Unique textures are applied to chests containing major items, small keys, boss keys, skulltula tokens, and remaining items. An additional option also changes chest sizes like the previous setting.
    • New cosmetic setting Disable Battle Music turns off the battle music from being near enemies, allowing the background music to continue uninterrupted.
    • New setting Plant Magic Beans automatically plants all the Magic Beans from the start.
    • New setting Key Rings which can be enabled per-dungeon to replace all of its individual Small Keys into a singular Small Key Ring containing all the small keys for that dungeon. Key Rings also have their own model.
    • Setting Randomize Ocarina Song Notes can now be set to either "row" of songs individually, i.e. "Frog Songs" or "Warp Songs", in additional to the "Off" and "All Songs" options.
    • MQ Dungeon settings have been replaced with MQ Dungeons Mode which allows finer selection of which dungeons are MQ, or how many are at random.
    • New setting Shuffle Boss Entrances allows boss rooms to be shuffled between dungeons. This is only available in glitchless logic.
    • Misc. Hints has been expanded to a multiple select setting allowing you to fine-tune which set of misc hints to enable or disable.
    • New setting Shuffle Frog Song Rupees allows you to shuffle the rupees you receive from the Zora's River frogs.
    • New setting Show Seed Info on File Screen which also allows a user-set message to be displayed.
    • New settings allow for Rainbow Bridge and Ganon's Boss Key to be obtained upon reaching a certain amount of total heart containers.
    • New setting Easier Fire Arrow Entry allows you to set the amount of torches that must be lit to open Shadow Temple.
    • The pause screen info menu has been split into 3 menus, which show icons on the D-Pad indicating which direction leads to which menu. In addition, the menu now tracks the total keys you've found for a dungeon, not just how many you have remaining. The old menu from pressing A still exists as well.
    • New setting Invisible Chests makes all chests in the game invisible.
    • New setting Bonks Do Damage will deal damage to Link when bonking, including One Bonk KO which will instantly kill him from bonking.
    • New hint type Dual Hint which allows multiple locations to be hinted in the same hint. Hint distros can also use new option upgrade_hints to upgrade some hints to Dual Hints.
    • New Chaos hint distribution which gives all hint types equal likelihood.
    • New setting Blue Fire Arrows gives Ice Arrows the power to melt red ice and mud walls to give them more utility.
    • New Misc. Hint Dampé's Diary which reveals the location of a hookshot.
    • New item pool setting Ludicrous makes it so every check will be a major item.
    • Shuffle Dungeon Entrances has new setting Dungeons and Ganon which puts Ganon's Castle into the pool of dungeons which can be shuffled.
    • New setting Pre-Completed Dungeons which allows some dungeons to be filled with junk and their dungeon rewards given as a starting item.
    • New setting Regional for dungeon items makes it so dungeon items such as keys will be placed in the same region as their dungeon. For example, if Small Keys are set to Regional, then Small keys for Forest Temple can be found in the temple itself, Sacred Forest Meadow, Lost Woods, Kokiri Forest, or Deku Tree.
    • Skip Child Zelda and Shuffle Weird Egg have been combined into one setting Shuffle Child Trade Item.
    • The Adult earliest and latest trade item settings have been combined into a multiselect Adult Trade Sequence Item which allows you to choose whatever items you wish as the starting item for the adult trade quest.
  • Gameplay

    • Shortened the animation for equipping magic arrows.
    • You can now use the child trade item (Zelda's Letter, masks, etc) as child using D-Pad Right.
    • Red Ice transparency is increased when any Chest Appearance setting is enabled.
    • Zelda's text after defeating Ganon now advances automatically.
    • Health and Magic potion models in shops will now match your health and magic colors when Item Model Colors Match Cosmetics is enabled.
    • The Gerudo guard on the Wasteland side of the gate will now spawn regardless of settings.
    • Several vanilla warp destination messages have been updated to keep consistency with our custom warp destination messages.

Bug fixes

  • Return the color of the "OK" and "No" options of the warp song prompts to their correct colors in Warp Song Shuffle.
  • Horseback Archery will no longer delay ending based on the fanfare.
  • Prevent Dead Hand from spawning outside the room collision.
  • Magic arrows equipped as adult no longer revert to the Bow after traveling through time to child and back.
  • Rainbow Bridge set to vanilla no longer spawns without Light Arrows.
  • Fix MQ Shadow Temple making use of shared flags.
  • Fix MQ Fire Temple missing the Hammer chest from the map and minimap.
  • Add correct default Goals for Ganon's Boss Key when Light Arrow Cutscene is non-vanilla.
  • Fix a softlock caused by 8-note Sun's Songs when using Randomize Ocarina Song Notes.
  • Fix slow text when acquiring certain items (Hookshot, Bombchus, etc.)
  • Using Farore's Wind as both ages should no longer result in the wrong temporary flags being loaded.
  • Fixed issues where Skip Child Zelda could give a weapon with no ammo or overwrite starting Triforce Pieces.
  • Fixed an issue where Plentiful item pool combined with Starting Hearts would result in more Heart Containers being in the item pool than intended.
  • The Like Like in Master Quest Fire Temple will now return the player's shield when defeated.
  • Junk can now be placed on excluded song locations when Songs are set to Song Locations and a song is started with.
  • Fix GC Medigoron not being a hintable location.
  • Fix 1/16th damage not always killing Link when One Hit KO is enabled.
  • Fix ice traps cloaked as major items not giving the slow chest opening cutscenes when Fast Chest Cutscenes is disabled.
  • Tunics and shields can now spawn in any room when the game attempts to spawn them.
  • Fix a crash when certain settings related to Light Arrow hints are combined.
  • Many minor logic bugs have been corrected.
  • Fix a softlock when plandoing starting with less than 10 beans.
  • Fix plando negative locations (ex. "!Gold Skulltula Token") choosing Buy items for non-Buy locations.
  • Ice traps will no longer be sent to players in the Treasure Chest Game to prevent using deaths to circumvent the game.
  • Fixed dragging list items in the GUI not working when the target is empty.

Other changes

  • Added an auto-tracker context area to memory, so auto-trackers can find certain symbols much easier.
  • Improve some error messages when running the generator.
  • Fix logic parser shortcuts not working right in newer Python versions.
  • Goron Bracelet is no longer greyed out as adult on the Equipment subscreen of the pause menu.
  • Plandomizer
    • You can now specify an arbitrary 4-character hexadecimal text ID as a "Gossip Stone" to overwrite text in the game.
    • Adjusted how starting_items works in order to remove some redundancy, where it is now placed within the settings dictionary.. Spoiler output now includes a section :skipped_locations instead which is not used by Plandomizer.
    • Gold Skulltula Token requirements can be increased above 100 (the pool must also have at least that many).
  • Triforce Hunt changes
    • The number of Triforce pieces available per world, which was previously tied to the item pool setting, is now a separate setting.
  • Replaced old output option compress_rom with four separate options for outputting a patch file, compressed ROM, uncompressed ROM, and a WAD file.
  • Patch files from the web version of OoT Randomizer version 3.0 can now be used in the offline build. A .zpf patch file will be output in addition to the selected output types.
  • On the randomizer dungeon info screen, a Gold Skulltula icon appears for dungeons where you have collected all the Gold Skulltulas.
  • Maximum heart containers is now capped at 20. Pieces of Heart and Heart Containers collected after 20 will still restore your health but will not add to your hearts.
  • Many more "Junk" hints have been added.
  • Song from Impa is no longer restricted to a smaller set of items when Skip Child Zelda is enabled.
  • On the File Select screen, trade items that will be reverted on load now show as the item they will revert to.
  • Ganondorf will now say that the Light Arrows are in your pocket if they are an effective starting item (e.g. the item given from Skip Child Zelda).
  • The "WINNER!" Piece of Heart will now show the proper player name in Multiworld.
  • Hinted item and location for a Gossip Stone hint are now included in the spoiler log.
  • One-way entrances are now restricted to one per hint area rather than one per scene.
  • You can now receive starting ice traps, either from Impa's item with Skip Child Zelda or with plando.
  • Plandomizer will now display an error and inform the user if they have specified conflicting settings within the plando.
  • Common ER error messages are now more helpful to solving the issue.
  • Corrected some goal hint colors.
  • Triforce Piece model has been updated so that it is shinier and centered.


Bug fixes

  • Fix seed generation for multiworld with random trials.
  • Fix seed generation for All Goals Reachable.
  • Fix a minor optimization for counting needed Skulltula Tokens.
  • Fix some erroneous category tags for locations.

Other changes

  • Allow foolish hints to apply even if an area has an Always hint (but no other types).
  • Renamed setting Enable Useful Cutscenes to Enable Specific Glitch-Useful Cutscenes for clarity.


New Features

  • Objective Settings

    • New setting Reachable Locations replaces All Locations Reachable and adds a new option "All Goals" which ensures that all goal items for Ganon's Boss Key and the Rainbow Bridge are reachable, regardless of how many are required by the setting.
      • For example, if the Rainbow Bridge requires 4 medallions, all 6 medallions will be guaranteed reachable.
    • New setting LACS Condition to select what goal items are required for the Light Arrows Cutscene, separate from whether Ganon's Boss Key is placed there. (Additional settings are added to control how many.)
    • Ganon's Boss Key now allows you to set it to the Light Arrow Cutscene (and use LACS Condition to set its objective) or for it to be directly awarded when meeting a configurable target number of Spiritual Stones, Medallions, Dungeons completed, or Gold Skulltula Tokens. (Additional settings are added to control how many.)
    • New Rainbow Bridge option Random that will choose one of the other options at random (besides Skulltula Tokens), and require the maximum of that goal (if applicable).
  • Hints

    • New option Misc. Hints controls whether the Temple of Time altar and Ganondorf give hints, defaulting on to preserve behavior. Hell Mode disables this setting.
    • New goal hint type for use in custom hint distributions.
      • Default goals are included for the Rainbow Bridge, Ganon's Castle Boss Key, and Ganon's Trials settings.
      • Hints read as "They say that Kokiri Forest is on the path to Twinrova.", where the medallion or stone reward from defeating Twinrova can be used for the bridge or Ganon's Castle Boss Key. Twinrova is not necessarily required depending on other settings. For example, with 2 medallions for the bridge, all medallions accessible without entering Ganon's Castle, and Spirit Medallion on Twinrova, the hint only points to one possible path to building the rainbow bridge.
    • Hint distributions can now filter areas from being hinted as foolish, via putting the area names in remove_locations.
    • Various other hint distribution changes for named-item hints, including a new vague_named_items option for hint_dist_user that will name the location but not the item.
    • The dungeon name is now provided when hinting keys.
    • Allow special characters (such as the é in Dampé) to appear in in-game hints.
    • Certain Unicode characters and control characters like 'Ⓐ' and '⯅' can now be used in hint texts to refer to the corresponding in-game symbols.
  • Plandomizer

    • New #MajorItem item category for Plandomizer allows placing a random major item. This won't include songs unless Song Shuffle is Anywhere.
    • New #Vanilla item category for Plandomizer allows placing the item normally at the location.
    • New Plandomizer support for defining custom item groups.
    • New Plandomizer support for defining custom song note patterns (rhythm is still random).
    • Allow Plandomizer to override otherwise randomized settings.
  • Tricks

    • Added King Zora Skip - Adult Link can make a precise jump to climb atop the fence next to King Zora from the audience chamber.
    • Removed Forest Temple MQ Twisted Hallway Switch with Hookshot - This was determined to be a clip and therefore not allowed in glitchless rulesets.
  • Misc.

    • Allow Giant's Knife as a starting item.
    • Added a file data/custom_music_exclusion.txt where one can specify which music files shouldn't be shuffled in with random custom music.
    • Ruto now knows what kind of medallion or stone she gets in Jabu Jabu.
    • Randomized songs' note patterns are now included in the spoiler log.

Bug Fixes

  • Gameplay

    • Adjust the weather system to fix the fog glitch.
    • Disable Sandstorm transitions in certain cases in Entrance Randomizer. In particular, this prevents Sandstorm transitions from triggering strobe effects due to a bug.
    • Remove the Door of Time collision while the door is opening.
    • Cache chest sizes and colors in the actor to reduce some latency with Chest Size Matches Contents.
  • Entrance Randomizer

    • Smarter replacement of required warp songs when warp songs are shuffled.
    • Fix hint area validation to work with shuffled warp songs.
    • Fix dungeon entrance hints.
  • Plandomizer

    • Correctly consider plando'ed prices in logic, and limit set prices to a range of -32768 to 999.
    • Fix duplicating placed shop items.
    • Properly randomize starting age and time of day when plando sets it to random.
  • Hints

    • Make hints in Triforce Hunt function based on the required number of Triforce Pieces and not the total number (improves Way of the Hero hints as well as compatibility with Guaranteed Reachable Locations set to Required Only).
    • Prevent areas hinted as barren from having a location hint.
    • Fix trying to place hints when we've run out of stones.
  • Misc. Seed Generation

    • Fixed a bug where importing from a settings string might not choose the correct hint distribution depending on platform or number of custom hint distributions in the Hints folder.
    • Skip Child Zelda in Multiworld (with Song Shuffle: Anywhere) now correctly provides items to the right player.
    • Skip Child Zelda in Triforce Hunt (with Song Shuffle: Anywhere) now avoids starting having already won (by preventing Impa from giving out Triforce Pieces at all if there are more players than Triforce Pieces needed to win).
    • Fix some potential failures for placing junk.
    • Fix disabled song locations getting a general junk item instead of a junk song.
    • Fix some spoiler entries for visible ice traps.
    • Fix error thrown on some operating systems for capitalized file extensions .N64/.Z64.

Other Changes

  • Added Nayru's Love back to the minimal item pool on high damage settings.
  • Allow settings with a 'Random' option to be different per-world. (This does not permit settings randomized only by Randomize Main Rules to be different per-world.)
  • Updated sometimes hints.
  • Renamed some regions, locations, items, etc to match vanilla names. This will make Plandomizer files incompatible between versions.
    • Gerudo Training Grounds -> Gerudo Training Ground
    • Gerudo Fortress -> Thieves' Hideout (when referring to the interior areas or the carpenter rescue quest)
    • Graveyard Composers' Grave -> Royal Family's Tomb
  • Giant's Knife and Biggoron's Sword are considered useless in glitchless logic but not in glitched.
  • Entrance Randomizer: Prelude of Light and Serenade of Water are considered useless in ER if the only ER option enabled is Random Spawns (which already cannot be placed in certain areas where any items are necessary to escape).
  • Entrance Randomizer: Allow Kakariko Potion Shop and Impa's House to have their entrances appear in different areas if all hints are off.
  • Entrance Randomizer: When warp songs are shuffled, the confirmation text now shows the actual destination.
  • Text Shuffle: Expanded the "Shuffled except Hints and Keys" to include some shop and scrub text, and renamed it to "Shuffled except Important Text".
  • Hid the trick list on the GUI when it's disabled.
  • Changed internal names for the broken swords.
  • Added validation of settings for plandomizer before attempting generation.
  • Removed size check for the decompressor.
  • Updated presets.
  • Updated logic.
  • Added internal tracking of what items were where in vanilla OoT.
  • Added ability to provide settings through stdin (useful for shell scripting).
  • Added a commandline flag to use a preset by name. This still allows supplying additional settings, e.g. to control cosmetics and ROM output.
  • Added settings validation for unittests.
  • Added unittests for settings presets.
  • Use HTTPS for the version check to github.


New Features

  • New save file screen
    • Relevant items are shown before hitting 'Yes' to load, instead of just the hearts, magic, dungeon rewards, and deaths. Icons are solid if the save has the item or faded if not.
    • Triforce pieces aren't shown unless the save has at least 1.
    • The death counter is now placed at the bottom next to a skull.
  • Updated altar text in the Temple of Time
    • Now provides rainbow bridge requirements and the shuffle mode of Ganon's Castle Boss Key (info otherwise available in the seed settings). These are always available at the altar regardless of Maps/Compass settings.
    • Removed misleading vanilla text from the child altar.
  • Various Quality of Life improvements
    • Speed up boulder lifting
    • Speed up Gold Gauntlet boulder lifting
    • Speed up learning Windmill song
    • Speed up learning Malon's song
    • Speed up Kakariko gate opening and closing
    • Twinrova waits for player to reach the top platform before starting, preventing early snipes
'ROM Options' settings
  • New Cosmetic Plandomizer
    • Use a JSON file to set your cosmetics and sound settings.
    • We've added lots of new color options to pick from as well!
  • Custom settings presets (must be json) can be placed in data/Presets to be automatically loaded in the GUI.
New 'Main Rules' settings and options
  • New setting Kakariko Gate
    • Allows configuring how the Kakariko Gate and the Happy Mask Shop will open.
    • Default (vanilla) behavior requires showing Zelda's Letter to the guard to open the gate and the shop.
    • You can configure the gate to be always open or to open automatically upon obtaining the Letter. Both of these options will also open the Happy Mask Shop upon obtaining the Letter.
  • Entrance Randomizer settings overhaul
    • Entrance Shuffle setting replaced with the other independent settings here.
    • Shuffle Interior Entrances: allows a choice of shuffling simple interiors, all interiors, or none.
    • Shuffle Grotto Entrances: allows shuffling grotto/grave entrances.
    • Shuffle Dungeon Entrances: allows shuffling dungeon entrances.
    • Shuffle Overworld Entrances: allows shuffling overworld connections.
    • Randomize Owl Drops: allows randomizing where the owl drops you from each owl spot.
    • Randomize Warp Song Destinations: allows randomizing (to any entrance, not just warp pads!) where each warp song takes you.
    • Randomize Overworld Spawns: allows randomizing (per age) where you start when loading a save in the Overworld.
    • All these shuffles and randomizations are fixed when the seed is generated; within a seed it will always be the same each time.
  • New options for Shuffle Songs
    • This now allows selecting from three options: shuffling in song locations (previously 'off'), shuffling in anywhere (previously 'on'), and shuffling in dungeon reward locations (new).
    • The dungeon reward locations are: the 9 boss heart containers, the Lens of Truth chest (BotW), the Ice Arrows chest (GTG), the song reward in Ice Cavern, and the song from Impa in Hyrule Castle.
    • In multiworld, as before, only the "anywhere" setting will allow songs to be placed in other players' worlds.
  • New setting Shuffle Medigoron & Carpet Salesman
    • Adds the Giant's Knife and a pack of Bombchus to the pool while Medigoron and Carpet Salesman each sell a randomly placed item once for 200 rupees.
  • New options for Key and Map/Compass Shuffle settings
    • "Overworld Only" will place keys (or maps/compasses) outside of dungeons.
    • "Any Dungeon" will allow keys (or maps/compasses) to placed in any dungeon, not just the dungeon they belong to!
    • "Dungeon Only" is renamed "Own Dungeon" for clarity.
    • Gerudo Fortress Small Keys are configured in a separate setting.
  • New options for Rainbow Bridge and Ganon's Boss Key on Light Arrows Cut Scene.
    • Sliders allow customizing the exact number of stones/medallions/dungeons/tokens required.
    • Ganon's BK on LACS can now be set to require Gold Skulltula Tokens.
    • Randomize Main Rules won't randomize slider values.
    • Conditional-always hints check for whether 2 or more dungeon rewards are required, as a backstop.
'Other' settings
  • New setting Skip Child Zelda
    • Skips the Hyrule Castle visit as child, returning Malon and Talon to Lon Lon Ranch and granting Zelda's Letter and the song that Impa provides at the start of the game.
    • Depending on the Kakariko Gate and Complete Mask Quest settings, may also start with the gate and shop open and masks available.
    • Removes the Weird Egg (and prevents Shuffle Weird Egg).
  • New setting Skip Some Minigame Phases
    • Allows getting both rewards for Horseback Archery and Dampé Race in a single go!
    • Replaces the Skip First Dampé Race setting.
  • New setting Complete Mask Quest
    • Marks all the mask sales complete so that the shop has all masks available to borrow as soon as it opens.
  • New setting Fast Bunny Hood
    • Allows manual toggling on/off of the 1.5x speed boost from MM.
  • New "Hint Distribution" customization options
    • Old hardcoded hint distributions are now defined by json files in data/Hints.
    • Custom hint distributions can be added to this folder, or defined directly in Plando files.
    • Many locations that did not previously have item hints now have hints, in case a custom hint distribution makes use of them.
    • Using the hint distribution "Bingo" allows setting a "Bingosync URL" to build hints for the specific OoTR Bingo board. Otherwise it's a generic hint distribution for OoTR Bingo.
  • Hint distributions can configure groups of stones to all have the same hint, and can also disable stones from receiving useful hints (give them junk hints instead).
  • Tournament hint distribution changes
    • Grotto stones are disabled and only provide junk hints.
    • Zelda's Lullaby is never considered for Way of the Hero hints.
    • Only "always", "Barren", and "WotH" hints have duplicates now.
    • "Barren" hints will typically be split evenly between dungeon and overworld areas.
    • Number of unique hints of each type are now (not counting seed-dependent hint types like 'always' and 'trial'): 4 WotH, 2 barren, 5(remainder) sometimes.
    • The previous Tournament hint distribution has been renamed "Scrubs Tournament".
  • New setting Hero Mode
    • Allows playing without heart drops from enemies or objects. Good luck!!
  • New cosmetic settings for HUD button colors
    • These can all be set independently, defaulting to the N64 colors.
  • New cosmetic setting Item Model Colors Match Cosmetics
    • Freestanding models like heart containers, gauntlets, and heart/magic drops will match their respective color settings.
    • Tunics are not affected, in order to keep freestanding tunics recognizable.
  • Navi Colors section renamed "Misc. Colors"
    • Navi and sword trails options are now in this section, along with:
    • New "Rainbow" option in all Navi color settings.
    • New Boomerang trail inner & outer color settings, including a "Rainbow" option.
    • New Bombchu trail inner & outer color settings, including a "Rainbow" option.
    • New Mirror Shield Frame color setting.
  • Added options to Background Music and Fanfares for randomly selecting only from custom music.

Updated Settings/Tricks

  • Lens of Truth setting has been removed and replaced with several independent tricks.
    • Lensless Wasteland: assumes you can navigate the Wasteland to the Colossus without the Lens of Truth.
    • <Area> without Lens of Truth: assumes you can complete the given area without the Lens of Truth. Note that MQ and Vanilla dungeons have separate tricks.
    • Shadow Temples are split into two separate areas for these tricks.
    • Glitchless logic now requires Lens (or an appropriate trick) for some checks, particularly in Shadow Temple.
    • Glitched logic may sometimes assume you can do something without lens regardless of trick settings.
  • New tricks
    • Dodongo's Cavern Vines GS from Below with Longshot - use the Longshot to avoid the staircase.
    • Forest Temple First Room GS with Difficult-to-Use Weapons - use a sword or Deku Sticks to jumpslash, or Bombs as child.
    • Spirit Temple Main Room Jump from Hands to Upper Ledges - make a precise jump without Hookshot or Hover Boots.
    • Water Temple Falling Platform Room GS with Boomerang - use the Boomerang from the very edge of the platform.
    • Death Mountain Trail Climb with Hover Boots - get past the boulders without destroying them.
    • Zora's Domain GS with No Additional Items - use only a jumpslash.
    • Ice Cavern Block Room GS with Hover Boots - reach the GS with the Hover Boots to jumpslash it.
    • Hyrule Castle Storms Grotto GS with Just Boomerang - make a precise throw with the Boomerang to send it behind the wall.
    • Water Temple Central Pillar GS with Farore's Wind - cast inside the pillar before raising the water level. Previously assumed in logic!
    • Water Temple Central Pillar GS with Iron Boots - unlock the door on the middle level before raising the water.
    • Water Temple Dragon Statue Switch from Above the Water as Adult - trigger the switch from dry land, then use Iron Boots, any Scale, or a jump dive coming from the river.
    • Water Temple Dragon Statue Switch from Above the Water as Child - same but for child. The Scale dive is very precise.
    • Goron City Grotto with Hookshot While Taking Damage - brave the heat, but be quick.
    • Dodongo's Cavern Two Scrub Room with Strength - position a block correctly and adult can bring a bomb flower to the wall.
    • Shadow Temple Falling Spikes GS with Hover Boots - make a precise move to get on the falling spikes, then another precise move to grab the token.
    • Deku Tree MQ Roll Under the Spiked Log - roll at the right time to shrink your hintbox. Previously assumed in logic!
    • Bottom of the Well MQ Jump Over the Pits - Use a sidehop or backflip to jump over the pits. Previously assumed in logic!
    • Water Temple MQ Central Pillar with Fire Arrows - Angled torches have hard-to-hit hitboxes. Previously assumed in logic!
    • Forest Temple MQ Twisted Hallway Switch with Jump Slash - Hit the switch from above with a jump slash, after getting in place with Hover Boots or some glass blocks. Previously assumed in logic!
    • Fire Temple MQ Lower to Upper Lizalfos Maze with Hover Boots - Hover Boots can get you up from a crate.
    • Fire Temple MQ Lower to Upper Lizalfos Maze with Precise Jump - You can even jump up from a crate without the Hover Boots!
    • Fire Temple MQ Above Flame Wall Maze GS from Below with Longshot - Point the Longshot at the right pointin the ceiling to obtain the token.
    • Shadow Temple MQ Invisible Blades Silver Rupees without Song of Time - Get a boost from a Like Like into a silver rupee, but don't die in the process.
    • Deku Tree MQ Compass Room GS Boulders with Just Hammer - Jump slash from the top of the vines.
    • Spirit Temple MQ Sun Block Room as Child without Song of Time - Throw a crate onto the switch to unbar the door briefly.
    • Water Temple MQ North Basement GS without Small Key - There's an invisible Hookshot target you can use.
    • Death Mountain Trail Lower Red Rock GS with Hover Boots - Kill the Skulltula, get on the fence, and then backflip onto the the rock.
    • Ice Cavern MQ Red Ice GS without Song of Time - Side-hop into the right place and you have a brief amount of time to use Blue Fire.
    • Kakariko Rooftop GS with Hover Boots - Some tricky movements with the Hover Boots can get you up onto Impa's House.
    • Dodongo's Cavern MQ Light the Eyes with Strength - You have to move very quickly to light the eyes with a Bomb Flower.
    • Dodongo's Cavern MQ Back Areas as Child without Explosives - Use pots, Armos, etc to progress through the room. Not relevant without "Light the Eyes with Strength" above, which is much harder for child.
    • Fire Trial MQ with Hookshot - Hit the target from a precise position with precise aim.
  • Removed tricks
    • Water Temple Boss Key Chest with Iron Boots
    • Water Temple Dragon Statue with Bombchu - superseded by the new Dragon Statue tricks.
    • Bottom of the Well Like Like GS without Boomerang - the Like Like can be permanently killed, so this isn't logically valid.
  • Changed Tricks
    • Burning the two vertical webs in the Deku Tree basement with bow is now default logic. The relevant trick has been renamed to Deku Tree Basement Web to Gohma with Bow to reflect that it now only applies to the web immediately before Gohma.
    • Reach Forest Temple MQ Twisted Hallway Switch with Hookshot - renamed Forest Temple MQ Twisted Hallway Switch with Hookshot.
    • Fire Temple MQ Boulder Maze Side Room without Box - renamed Fire Temple MQ Lizalfos Maze Side Room without Box.
    • Fire Temple MQ Big Lava Room Blocked Door without Hookshot - can be done without damage, so it's now allowed in OHKO.
    • Forest Temple Scarecrow Route - renamed Forest Temple East Courtyard Door Frame with Hover Boots and can be done in Vanilla or MQ.
  • Tricks can be filtered in the GUI using a new dropdown.
  • Easy and Hell Mode presets have been updated to add in the new features and/or tricks as relevant!

Bug Fixes

  • Stealing Epona no longer crashes with the Fast Epona Race setting when you have Epona's Song but no ocarina.
  • Bunny Hood speed bonus now applies correctly in cases other than child running at full speed.
  • Avoid crashing on some systems when using child items as adult.
  • Ensure Ice Traps have valid models if they can be seen.
  • Limit Kokiri Tunic RGB values in Glitched Logic to prevent Weirdshot crashes.
  • Prevent Gerudo guards from throwing child Link in jail.
  • Fix hints not being readable on Mask of Truth setting.
  • Prevent Collection Delay from the Carpenter Boss when mashing through the text with an item in hand.
  • Gray note songs do not play back when learning them, adding consistency and preventing Sun's Song from causing bugs. With this set of changes to song learning, Sun's Song can now be played right after you learn it and it will function properly.
  • Empty Bomb fix improved to work in all scenarios.
  • Fast warp song hack now sets transition to white fade for consistency.
  • Royal Family Tomb moves out of the way instantly.
  • Fix Zelda from being frozen at the start of the final battle.
  • Fix (hopefully) any remaining issues fishing on BizHawk.
  • Drop Ruto before entering Big Octo room if the miniboss has been defeated.
  • Prevent an errant @ from showing up in Triforce Hunt.
  • Move the Stone of Agony indicator above any small keys if both are present.
  • Fix model/icon colors in Item Model Colors Match Cosmetics not returning to default with a cosmetic patch setting them to defaults.
  • Ensure Ganondorf always hints one of the first reachable Light Arrows.
  • Don't require that child can reach Ganondorf in order for Light Arrows not to be hinted WotH.
  • Allow playthrough to collect a second 'Bottle with Letter' as its first empty bottle.
  • Fix some issues with Randomize Main Rules:
    • Closed Forest implies starting as child.
    • Triforce Hunt won't accidentally place the Boss Key for Ganon's Castle.
    • Other conflicts are now prevented.
  • Fix a rare issue in ER with using time-passing regions to gain new access.
  • Fix a rare issue where settings strings weren't allocated enough bits.
  • Fix the version number in the ROM header being potentially wrong after patching.
  • Fix the CRC for uncompressed ROMs.
  • The seed generator can now retry a few times in case of failure.
  • Exclude a line from text shuffle so the Malon race is completable.
  • Minor plandomizer fixes and improvements.
  • Various logic fixes.

Other Changes

  • Most locations and a few items have been renamed to improve spoiler output and standardize.
    • This will break settings and distribution files from previous versions that reference these locations and items.
  • Reordered locations more naturally in the locations part of the spoiler.
  • Default for Shuffle Weird Egg is now off.
  • In-game hints overhaul.
  • File 3 has been removed from generated ROMs to free up some space.
  • The Zora Sapphire in Jabu Jabu's Big Octo room is now the actual dungeon reward.
  • The number of Triforces available in Triforce Hunt now rounds to the nearest whole number instead of the nearest whole even number.
  • "No Logic" seeds can now disable locations.
  • Cosmetic logs contain the display names of SFX instead of their internal key names.
  • Performance improvements to seed generation.
  • Generator GUI updated to use node-sass 4.14.1.
  • Updated development n64 compilation process to use latest available toolchain.
  • Changed some C code to support GCC 10 in development n64 compilation.
  • Added decompressor source and updated Decompress binaries.
  • returns an error code on failure to interact better with user scripting.
  • Plandomizer distribution files are copied to the Output directory next to the Spoiler and Cosmetics logs.
  • Mweep.


New Features

  • Triforce Hunt
    • Collect some number of Triforce Pieces to beat the game instead of beating Ganon.
    • Multiworld Triforce counts are collective, so once the total is reached across all players everyone wins.
    • If enabled via randomizing main rules, the count is always 20.
  • Separate Double Defense model
    • Now appears as a color-shifted version of the Heart Container, with a transparent interior and prominent gold border.
  • Visual Stone of Agony indicator
    • When the player has the Stone of Agony, it will appear on-screen above the rupee count when the player is near a hidden grotto.
    • The icon vibrates based on proximity to the grotto entrance, similar to the rumble pak.
    • A real rumble pak is not required.
  • Starting Inventory
    • A new tab in the GUI allows setting initial inventory, without having to create a Plandomizer file.
    • Items are divided into sections in the GUI based on category.
    • Trade quest items, Gerudo Membership Card, Scarecrow Song not included.
      • To start with the Gerudo Membership Card, set Gerudo Fortress to Open Fortress and disable Shuffle Gerudo Card ('Main Rules' tab).
      • To start with the Scarecrow Song, enable Free Scarecrow's Song ('Other' tab).

Updated Settings

  • Open Zora Fountain now has an open only adult option.
  • Added a new setting Ice Trap Appearance to select whether ice traps appear as major items (the default), junk items, or anything. This appearance can affect chest size with Chest Size Matches Contents enabled.
  • Removed settings Start with Fast Travel, Start with Tycoon's Wallet, Start with Deku Equipment.
    • These have been replaced with settings in the "Starting Inventory" tab.
  • New settings Start with Consumables (enable to start with max Sticks, Nuts, and ammo), Starting Hearts (changes starting max health).
  • New list settings Starting Equipment (swords, shields, strength, etc.), Starting Items (c-items), Starting Songs (songs).
  • Logic now requires Stone of Agony to access any hidden grotto.
    • A new trick Hidden Grottos without Stone of Agony will bypass this.
    • Stone of Agony is now only considered a useless item (for barren areas) when this trick is on and Gossip Stones do not use it.
  • Added a new trick Goron City Spinning Pot PoH with Strength, which allows stopping the Spinning Pot using a bomb flower.
  • Hell Mode preset includes both the above tricks.
  • Tricks enabled/disabled in a Plandomizer file now take precedence over Tricks in 'Detailed Logic', even if the Plandomizer file has an empty list.
    • An empty list means the seed will be beatable without any tricks.
    • If there's no allowed_tricks item in the file, the Detailed Logic tricks apply instead.
    • If there is an allowed_tricks list in the file, it will not be possible to disable any of the enabled tricks (or enabling more) without editing the file.

Other Changes

  • Cosmetic heart color setting now applies in the file select screen.
  • Cosmetic tunic color setting now applies to the icons in the pause menu.
  • Non-Always Location hints cannot be placed for an area that already has a Foolish hint.
    • If the location hint is placed first, then it can still appear in a foolish hinted area, however in Tournament hint distribution the Foolish hints are placed first so that cannot happen.
  • The location containing Light Arrows will be considered a hinted location if Ganondorf's hint can be reached without them.
  • Ganondorf no longer hints at his Boss Key chest contents, except when Light Arrows don't exist (only possible in Triforce Hunt).
  • Improved Entrance Randomizer hints.
  • Updated Compressor. The GUI progress bar is now granular. If for some reason, the rom won't fit into 32MB, then the compressor will increase the output size.
  • Revised some settings tooltips.
  • Refactored Logic once again. It now uses helper json rules and rules can reference other rules.
  • Disabled settings don't show up in the spoiler.
  • Plando will now accept JSON lists for item in the location dictionary to randomly choose between for placement.
    • Attempts to not exceed item pool values until all the pool counts for the items in the list are reached.
  • Plando locations are matched without regard to case.
  • "Start with" settings are now handled by the Plando library.
  • Further seed generation speed improvements.
  • The main search algorithm was renamed Search (from Playthrough) to avoid confusion with the spoiler playthrough.
  • General code cleanup and typo fixes.
  • Added more Plando unittests.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor stability fix in Plando.
  • Spoilers for plando'd seeds now correctly show the tricks enabled for the seed.
  • Plando no longer occasionally attempts to place an item on a location where it's not allowed.
  • Plando starting items and items set in specific locations now count toward the pool allocation. (Starting items are replaced with junk.)
  • Plando now refuses to place more than the maximum amount of bottles, adult trade items, shop items, or total non-junk items.
  • Plando no longer places Ice Traps as Junk if Ice Traps is set to 'off'.
  • Other various Plando bug fixes.
  • Starting items for adult that auto-equip should do so correctly now. (Non-Kokiri Tunics won't autoequip at the moment.)
  • Fixed two chests in MQ Shadow Temple that had swapped names in plando and spoilers.
  • Removed (unnecessarily) duplicated/overlapping hints.
  • Hints that should come in multiples (duplicates) no longer come in singletons in certain corner cases.
  • Randomizing main rules now works correctly.
  • Removed a misleading random "trials" value from the non-randomized settings in the spoiler.
  • Fix seed values with spaces no longer working.
  • Removed a mispasted option description from Gauntlets colors tooltips.
  • Major armips fix should prevent some crashes in Dev builds. (Devs: required armips version >= 0.10.0-68-g8669ffd)
  • Miscellaneous logic fixes.
  • Other bug fixes.


New Features

  • Skip First Dampé Race
    • Allows getting both rewards in one race if the 60 second target is cleared
  • Rupee Icon Color changes based on your current wallet upgrade

Updated Settings

  • Improve Ear Safe to be less painful
  • Tokensanity: Overworld Only
    • Shuffles Gold Skultulla Tokens in the overworld to compliment Dungeons Only
  • Configurable Skulltula target for the Bridge Requirement
  • Randomize Main Rule Settings still allows setting the MQ Dungeon Count
  • Always Guaranteed Hints are now determined conditionally based on settings
  • Default Presets are updated to better reflect first time beginner settings
    • The previous Beginner Preset is renamed to Easy Preset

Bug Fixes

  • Improve stability of music related features
  • Fix "...???" textboxes at the entrance of Great Fairies
  • In the unlikely event Tournament Hints runs out of hints, the remaining hints are filled with more "Sometimes Good" hints. If those run out as well then it will fill with "Random Locations" hints.
  • The Gerudo Valley Crate PoH as Adult with Hover Boots trick now properly takes OHKO into account.
  • Minor GUI tweaks
  • Improve error feedback in GUI and Rules JSON


New Features

  • New Electron GUI
    • New GUI now utilizes both Python and Node to bring you an even better interface
    • Now requires Node (with NPM), in addition to the Python requirement
  • Glitched Logic
    • New Logic Rules option that takes movement glitches into consideration
    • Check out the Wiki for more information
  • Entrance Randomizer
    • Randomize entrances/loading zones
    • Entrances are connected bidirectionally, and only shuffled with other entrances of the same pool
    • Ability to randomize entrances (loading zones) among multiple pools:
      • Dungeons Only: All Dungeons except Ganon's Castle
      • Simple Indoors: Dungeons; as well as Houses, Great Fairies, all Open and Hidden Grottos (including small Fairy Fountains and the Lost Woods Stage), and Graves.
      • All Indoors: Dungeons and Simple Indoors, as well as Link’s House, the Temple of Time, the Windmill, and Dampé’s Grave.
      • All Indoors & Overworld Entrances: Almost all loading zones connecting overworld areas, including Owls
    • Deku Tree, Fire Temple, and Bottom of the Well dungeon entrances are accessible as both ages
  • Starting Age Option
    • Can now start as child, adult, or random
  • Plan-domizer
    • Create a custom seed by placing items, hints and/or entrances where you want them
    • Customize starting items, item pools, active trials and Master Quest dungeons
    • Plandomizer files match the spoiler log JSON format
  • Additional Customization
    • Additional Background Music Sequences can now be provided to be shuffled in
    • Fanfares randomization
    • Customizable Heart, Magic Meter, and Gauntlet colors
    • Separate inner and outer Navi colors
  • Added Randomize Main Rules option
  • Cow Sanity
    • Playing Epona's Song for a cow for the first time gives a randomized item.
  • Shuffle Magic Beans
    • A pack of 10 beans is shuffled into the pool and the Bean Salesman sells a random item once for 60 rupees.
  • Cucco Count
    • The number of cuccos to be gathered for Anju can be reduced or randomized, and Anju will tell you in-game the target number to catch (similar to 10 Big Poes).
  • Enable Useful Cutscenes prevents some useful cutscenes from being skipped
    • Re-enables Poes at Forest Temple and Darunia at Fire Temple

Major Changes

  • Seeds generation is significantly faster
  • Major refactor of logic for performance and ER
  • Spoiler log is now in JSON format
  • Log files are produced in Logs during generation to record any errors.
  • Major Logic Changes
    • Desert Colossus Hands are now logically part of Spirit Temple
    • Added the ability to enter drain the Lake Hylia water as Adult after beating Morpha using a new Gossip Stone near the Serenade Warp Pad. Entering Water Temple with Gold Scale and Longshot is now always in logic, however no locations are accessible without additional tricks, Keysanity/Keysy, or Iron Boots.
    • Disabled Locations will always hold Junk items (except song locations if songs are not shuffled with items)
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Mechanically, Hot Rodder Goron no longer checks for Bomb Bag
    • Wearing Bunny Hood increases running speed to match backwalking speed
    • All Gerudo now check for Gerudo Membership Card instead of Carpenters being freed
      • This only affects when Shuffle Gerudo Card is enabled or in Entrance Randomizer
      • In the affected modes, a Gerudo is added behind the Wasteland gate who can open the gate
    • Removed RNG from Fishing Minigame
      • Note: The optimal strategy is to have the line stationary for the fish to bite
    • Can now cast Farore's Wind and play Warp Songs from within Gerudo Training Ground and all of Ganon's Castle
  • Hint Changes
    • Every generic grotto gossip stone has their own hint.
    • The "Very Strong" hint setting can now give multiple Foolish dungeon hints.
    • The “Tournament” hint setting was revised to utilize all 40 hint stones.
      • Increased to 5 WOTH hints (with a new maximum of 2 Dungeon regions hinted); increased to 3 Foolish hints; Skull Mask added to Tournament hints’ Always hints; 5 Sometimes hints; all hints in this distribution are duplicated onto two Gossip Stones.
  • Cutscene Changes
    • Burning Kakariko Cutscene can be triggered when entering Kakariko Village from any entrance.
    • Speedup Owl Flying cutscenes to be almost instant.
    • Enable Useful Cutscenes setting added (see above in New Features)

Updated Settings

  • Filter added to Location Exclusion dropdown
  • More tricks added to the Enable Tricks dropdown
  • Shuffle Gerudo Card can now be enabled alongside Open Gerudo Fortress.
  • Forest Options
    • Closed Deku: Open Forest except Mido still blocks the Deku Tree
  • Dungeon Item Options
    • Added Vanilla placement option for small keys, boss keys and maps/compasses
  • Ganon's Boss Key
    • Split Ganon’s Boss Key settings from the rest of the Boss Keys setting
    • Added LACS options that place the key there.
      • This allows playing with open bridge while still requiring dungeon completion
    • This replaces the Remove Ganon’s Boss Door Lock option
  • Plentiful Item Pool
    • Duplicate Ruto's Letter added to plentiful item pool
  • With Start With Max Rupees option enabled, wallet upgrades items now fill to max rupees

Bug Fixes

  • No longer able to buy Bombchus with only bomb bag when Bombchus in logic
  • Dampé freestanding Piece of Heart no longer requires opening the chest
  • Buying Piece of Heart/Heart Container fully heals Link
  • Learning Sun's Song from Malon no longer causes a softlock
  • Castle and Gerudo guards can no longer cause softlock when catching you
  • Vanilla shop items have correct price in spoiler log with shopsanity enabled
  • Fixed Song of Storms not being usable in Sacred Forest Meadow immediately after learning it
  • Improved Bottled Fairy logic rules for OHKO in ER
  • Fixed Starting Time of Day times to better reflect their descriptions with the in-game state
    • Night options will spawn Skulltulas
  • Add compatibility support for Python 3.8
  • Improved Spoiler Logs for Multiworlds with differing Random settings between worlds
  • Lab Dive now completable even with Eyedrops in your possession
  • Great Fairy cutscene no longer plays on additional visits for health and magic refills.
  • Running Man can now fill a Tycoon’s wallet when buying the Bunny Hood from the player


New Features

  • Quick boot equips
    • Use D-pad left to equip Iron Boots if they're in the inventory, or D-pad right to equip Hover Boots if they're in the inventory.
    • Press the button again to equip Kokiri Boots.
  • Quick Ocarina
    • Use D-pad down to pull out the Ocarina.
  • Freestanding models
    • All freestanding item locations now display the model of the item you will receive.
  • Ice traps now work from any location.
    • In freestanding locations, appears as a random major item
    • In shops, appears as a random major item with a misspelling
  • Various speedups
    • No Talon cutscene when he runs away
    • Skip "Caught By Gerudo" cutscene
    • Shorten cutscene when getting Bullet Bag from the Deku Scrub in Lost Woods
    • Fast pushing and pulling
      • All types of blocks
      • Spinnable mirrors in Spirit Temple
      • Truth spinner in Shadow Temple
      • Puzzle in basement of Forest Temple
    • Ocarina minigame shortened to the first round
      • 5 notes instead of 8
    • Jabu-Jabu's Belly elevator spawns in a more convenient position
    • Kakariko carpenter position is offset so he is no longer in your way during the cucco route.
    • Warp songs now have a normal transition with no cutscene.
    • Pause screen starts on Inventory Screen instead of Map Screen
  • Gold Skulltula textbox displays current number obtained
  • Poe salesman tells point limit without needing to sell
  • Patch files added so that generated seeds can be distributed legally

New Options

  • Master Quest dungeon slider
    • Selects a number of Master Quest dungeons to appear in the game
      • Ex: 0 - All dungeons will have their default designs.
      • Ex: 6 - Half of all dungeons will have Master Quest redesigns.
      • Ex: 12 - All dungeons will have Master Quest redesigns.
  • Damage multiplier
    • Changes the amount of damage taken
    • OHKO: Link dies in one hit
  • Item pool
    • Replaces difficulty
    • Changes the number of bonus items that are available in the game
      • Plentiful: Extra major items are added
      • Balanced: The original item pool
      • Scarce: Some excess items are removed, including health upgrades
      • Minimal: Most excess items are removed
  • Start with max rupees
    • The player begins the game with 99 rupees.
  • Start with Deku equipment
    • The player begins the game with 10 Deku sticks and 20 Deku nuts.
    • If playing without shopsanity, the player begins with a Deku shield equipped.
  • Start with fast travel
    • The player begins the game with the Prelude of Light and Serenade of Water songs learned and the Farore's Wind spell in the inventory.
    • These three items increase Link's mobility around the map, but don't actually unlock any new items or areas.
  • Start with Tycoon wallet
  • Open Zora's Fountain
    • King Zora is moved to the side from the start of the game.
    • Ruto's Letter is removed from the item pool and replaced with an Empty Bottle.
  • Randomize starting time of day
  • Ice traps setting
    • Off: All ice traps are removed
    • Normal: Only ice traps from base pool are placed
    • Extra ice traps: Chance to add extra ice traps when junk items are added to the item pool
    • Ice trap mayhem: All junk items added will be ice traps
    • Ice trap onslaught: All junk items will be ice traps, including ones in the base pool
  • New Cosmetics
    • Added options for Sword Trail colors
      • Can set the length of the trails
      • Can set the inner and outer colors
      • Can set color to "Rainbow"
    • Additional SFX options

Updated Features

  • Hints distribution
    • Changes how many useful hints are available in the game
    • Useless: Has nothing but junk hints
    • Balanced: Gives you a mix of useless and useful hints. Hints will not be repeated
    • Strong: Has some duplicate hints and no junk hints
    • Very Strong: Has only very useful hints
    • Tournament: Similar to strong but has no variation in hint types
  • Frogs Ocarina Game added to always hints
  • Hints are only in logic once you are able to reach the location of the gossip stone by logic.
    • Hints ignore logic if inaccessible
  • Foolish choice hint added
    • Regions that are a foolish choice will not have any required items no matter what route is taken in logic.
  • Big Poes location does not require a hint if the count set to 3 or less.
  • Add medallion icons to the Temple of Time altar hint
  • Add a hint for 0/6 trials if trial count is random
  • Scrub Shuffle now updates the Business Scrubs' textboxes with the updated price for buying their item.

Updated Options

  • Chest size matches contents updated
    • Boss keys appear in gold chests
    • Small keys appear in small gold chests
  • Free Scarecrow's Song changes
    • Pulling out ocarina near a spot where Pierre can spawn will do so.
  • Rainbow Bridge changes
    • Spiritual Stones added as bridge requirement
    • 100 Gold Skulltula tokens added as bridge requirement
  • Any location can now be excluded from being required.
  • Various advanced tricks has been split into individual tricks to be selected.
  • Choose sound effects ocarina uses when played

Bug Fixes

  • Deku and Hylian shields from chests no longer become Blue Rupees.
  • Force game language to be English even if a Japanese rom is supplied
  • Door of Time now opens when entering Temple of Time from all spawns.
  • Fix empty bomb glitch
  • Move item cost to after Player in the spoiler log
  • Add Wasteland Bombchu Salesman to spoiler log when required for first Bombchus
  • Fix message text table is too long error when using settings that add a lot of text to the ROM
  • Kokiri Sword no longer required for fishing as child
  • Fix Biggoron Sword collection delay
  • Twinrova phase 2 textbox fix
  • Switches in Forest and Fire Temple lowered by 1 unit to make it easier to press them
  • Equipment menu will now show the name of the item you have in the first column
  • Hover Boots will no longer show up as adult in the first equipment menu slot if a Fairy Slingshot was not gotten before becoming adult.
  • Ammo items now use the correct item fanfare.
  • Fix chest size matches contents to work for all chests
  • Removed key for key logic
  • Removed unused locked door in Water Temple
  • Scarecrow's Song should no longer cause softlocks when played in laggy areas.
  • Text error messages no longer display the Pocket Egg text.
  • Ice traps added back to OHKO as the softlock appears fixed
  • Ganon now says "my castle" instead of "Ganon's Castle" for light arrow hint.
  • Fix various typos in text
    • Gerudo's Fortress
    • Zora's River
    • Red Rupee
    • Textbox about Dampé's grave
  • "Ganon's Tower" is now just "Ganon's Castle".
  • Dampé's Gravedigging Tour reward correctly flags collection on pickup.
  • Castle Moat Bridge no longer closes when playing the Zelda Escape cutscene.
  • Various logic fixes

Multiworld Changes

  • Maximum player count increased from 31 to 255
  • Ice traps can now be sent to other worlds.
  • Ganon now tells you the location of your Light Arrows, not the location of some Light Arrows that may exist in your world.
  • Item placement rebalanced so that an item for another player can only be placed on a location that both players can reach in logic

Development Version Changes

  • Output patch file
    • Creates a binary patch file instead of a ROM which allows sharing a seed without sharing copyright protected material
  • Patch ROM from file
    • Applies a generated patch file to the base ROM and creates a randomizer ROM which allows sharing a seed without sharing copyright protected material
  • Settings presets
    • Adds a functionality to save settings strings for future use
    • Several presets are already provided.
  • Create settings log if spoiler log is disabled
  • File names no longer include a settings string.
    • Instead display a shortened SHA-1 hash of the settings string
  • Add option for converting settings to a string and back
    • Only convert the specified settings to a settings string
    • If a settings string is specified output the used settings instead
  • Python 3.5 is no longer supported.
    • You must have Python 3.6 or higher installed to run the randomizer code.
  • Add option to only apply cosmetic patch without generating world data
  • CLI uses a specified settings file instead of taking in each option.
    • Uses settings.sav as default if it exists
    • Uses default settings if no settings file is provided and no settings.sav exists
  • Version check is no longer a dialog
    • Appears in a frame in the main randomizer window
  • Copy settings string button
  • The cosmetic versioning has been added to the ROM. Some cosmetics are only applied if they are safe to do so.
  • Added ability to set the output file name and added file creation logs
  • Major refactor of code


A randomizer for Ocarina of Time.







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  • Assembly 8.5%
  • TypeScript 6.6%
  • CSS 4.1%
  • HTML 1.8%
  • Other 2.9%