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Abstract syntax tree builder for Delphi
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Abstract Syntax Tree Builder for Delphi

With DelphiAST you can take real Delphi code and get an abstract syntax tree. One unit at time and without a symbol table though.

FreePascal and Lazarus compatible.

Sample input

unit Unit1;



function Sum(A, B: Integer): Integer;


function Sum(A, B: Integer): Integer;
  Result := A + B;


Sample outcome

<UNIT line="1" col="1" name="Unit1">
  <INTERFACE begin_line="3" begin_col="1" end_line="10" end_col="1">
    <USES begin_line="5" begin_col="1" end_line="8" end_col="1">
      <UNIT line="6" col="3" name="Unit2"/>
    <METHOD begin_line="8" begin_col="1" end_line="10" end_col="1" kind="function" name="Sum">
      <PARAMETERS line="8" col="13">
        <PARAMETER line="8" col="14">
          <NAME line="8" col="14" value="A"/>
          <TYPE line="8" col="20" name="Integer"/>
        <PARAMETER line="8" col="17">
          <NAME line="8" col="17" value="B"/>
          <TYPE line="8" col="20" name="Integer"/>
      <RETURNTYPE line="8" col="30">
        <TYPE line="8" col="30" name="Integer"/>
  <IMPLEMENTATION begin_line="10" begin_col="1" end_line="17" end_col="1">
    <METHOD begin_line="12" begin_col="1" end_line="17" end_col="1" kind="function" name="Sum">
      <PARAMETERS line="12" col="13">
        <PARAMETER line="12" col="14">
          <NAME line="12" col="14" value="A"/>
          <TYPE line="12" col="20" name="Integer"/>
        <PARAMETER line="12" col="17">
          <NAME line="12" col="17" value="B"/>
          <TYPE line="12" col="20" name="Integer"/>
      <RETURNTYPE line="12" col="30">
        <TYPE line="12" col="30" name="Integer"/>
      <STATEMENTS begin_line="13" begin_col="1" end_line="15" end_col="4">
        <ASSIGN line="14" col="3">
          <LHS line="14" col="3">
            <IDENTIFIER line="14" col="3" name="Result"/>
          <RHS line="14" col="13">
            <EXPRESSION line="14" col="13">
              <ADD line="14" col="15">
                <IDENTIFIER line="14" col="13" name="A"/>
                <IDENTIFIER line="14" col="17" name="B"/>


Copyright (c) 2014-2020 Roman Yankovsky ( et al

DelphiAST is released under the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0

See LICENSE for details.

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