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A toolkit for spring boot akka persistance event sourcing starter which contains abstracted common logic for aggregate flow definition and cluster sharding plus taking benefit of spring boot echo system
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  • Spring boot akka persistence event sourcing starter that cover the following :Smooth integration between Akka persistence and Spring Boot 2
  • Generic DSL for the aggregate flow definition for commands and events alt text
  • Abstract Aggregate persistent entity actor with all common logic in place and which can be used with the concrete managed spring beans implementation of different aggregate entities
  • Abstract cluster sharding run-time configuration and access via spring boot custom configuration and a generic entity broker that abstract the cluster shading implementation for you
  • Abstracted mixed configuration for your actor system and the entity configuration via spring configuration and akka configuration

For how to use the event sourcing starter toolkit , you need to add the following maven dependency: Maven dependency


For detailed technical details and explanation , check my 4 parts blog posts:

Spring boot , Akka and Ignite used versions:

Spring boot 2.1.0.RELEASE+, Akka version :2.5.18+ , Ignite Version :2.6.0+

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