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Yet Another Admin Finder
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YAAF - Yet Another Admin Finder


This is just a project I made for learning experience. I'm not responsible for whatever you do with
this software.

What is it?

This is a simple Admin Finder with many useful features. Originally made in Python 3.4.


This python script offers many advantages:

  • Multi-threading - It supports multi-threading from 1 thread to 10 threads.
  • Written in Python's last version - Python2.7 is great because of the amount of libraries. But Python3.4 is the future!
  • Custom extensions - You can add a custom extension, for example, .php. Every link it will try, will have .php added in the end.
  • Result logging - If you want, you can save the results in $HOME/.yaaf_output.
  • User-Agent - You can customize the User-Agent you want to use.
  • Link Sanitize - Many websites can have different request responses to different urls. So the --sanitize arg forces the link to appear like
  • Custom wordlists - You can use a custom wordlist.

For more information, just use the --help command.


I saw an Admin Finder in the BlackArch repositories (link). I checked it's source and I thought it was too simplistic.
So I thought about creating my own version of an Admin Finder script. It turned out to be something much better!

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