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🍃 Some improvements and new features

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Originally wanting to publish bigger updates with more content, I will now be doing smaller updates but on a more regular schedule. Here is a quick summary of this update:

  • Adding more error messages and better exceptions handling (#8 - adafdc2, big thanks to @DeltaRays !)
  • 🔥 Remove Skript-based events as they're useless and will be replaced in the next update (c9b2b17)
  • Better and beautiful console logging (851c7dd)
  • Introducing more document features (closes #7) :
    • (delete|remove) mongo[db] [document[s]] %mongodocuments% from %mongocollection%
    • (all|every) mongo[db] documents (in|of) %mongocollection%
    • (1¦first|2¦all) [mongo[db]] document[s] where %string% (is|equals to) %object% (of|in) %mongocollection%
  • ⚗️ Introducing experimental codecs (9277719)
    Codecs are used to serialize Java objects so that they can be saved in a document.
    Clearly, they make it possible to save Skript types other than what MongoDB supports.
    The restoration of the correct data from a document has not been implemented yet.

🟠 This update requires changes in your script to make it work. Update to 1.1.2 to make it work without updating it.

💡 The GitHub wiki is now online! #10

Thank you for your suggestions and sorry for the delay of this update! As usual, I remain open to any suggestion or remark.