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Releases: Romitou/Wolfo

Translation update!

16 Jul 20:28
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  • Add support of English (new translation file)
  • Finish 100% message personnalization
  • Fix Head Hunter description (thanks to @Aeris1One)
  • Fix default language problem
  • Add option for config folder of Wolfo (thanks to @TitiLaPierre)
  • Some performance improvements
  • Clean up code comments

The major new feature is the addition of 100% Wolfo compatibility with all languages via a translation file.
As a result, it is highly possible that some sentences may lose their meaning, adding possible translation errors. If you want to report errors you have encountered, please feel free to open an issue! We will solve the problem very quickly. Do not hesitate to share your suggestions and ideas. Thank you!

17/07: We have reached 158 downloads on Skript-MC and skUnity forums!
MD5: 022ce38333b48e2e18fa06b9ef20bd52

Lots of small changes and bug fixes

28 May 11:56
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  • Resize descriptions (= lore) of roles/items in GUIs
  • Removal of permissions in favor of operator permissions (thanks to Flav20)
  • Implementation of the Crazy role
  • Correction of SkDragon warnings
  • Simplify, review the game configuration (thanks to Alex13)
  • Correction of the message when a player leaves the game
  • Correction of object descriptions in GUIs
  • Fixed the problem with the game setup
  • Correction of messages that were not sent to each other
  • Added chat between roles at night (to decide who to vote etc ...)
  • Work on cosmetics
  • Particle deactivation at start-up
  • Scoreboard update when changing language
  • More regular scoreboard updates
  • Attempt to correct the number of undefined votes (null)
  • Correction of messages that were sent in duplicate
  • Added more important debug messages (much faster bug identification)

Thank you all for your feedback and to TitiLaPierre for his contributions.
This update contains few new features but a lot of bug fixes!
Even if there is not much new at the moment, we are stabilizing Wolfo as we go along.

Version fran莽aise
  • Redimension des descriptions (= lore) des r么les / items dans les GUI
  • Suppression des permissions en faveur des permissions op茅rateurs (merci 脿 Flav20)
  • Impl茅mentation du r么le Fou
  • Correction des avertissements SkDragon
  • Simplifier, revoir la configuration de la partie (merci 脿 Alex13)
  • Correction du message lorsqu'un joueur quitte la partie
  • Correction des descriptions d'objets dans les GUI
  • Correction du probl猫me de mise en place de la partie
  • Correction des messages qui ne s'envoyaient pas
  • Ajout du chat entre r么les la nuit (pour d茅cider de qui voter etc ...)
  • Travail sur les cosm茅tiques
  • D茅sactivation des particules au d茅marrage
  • Actualisation du scoreboard au changement de langue
  • Mise 脿 jour plus r茅guli猫re du scoreboard
  • Tentative de correctif du nombre de vote non d茅fini (null)
  • Correction de message qui s'envoyaient en double
  • Ajout de message de debug plus importants (identification beaucoup plus rapide des bugs)

Merci 脿 tous pour vos retours ainsi qu'脿 TitiLaPierre pour ses contributions.
Cette mise 脿 jour contient peu de nouveaut茅s mais beaucoup de corrections de bugs !
M锚me s'il n'y a pr茅sentement pas beaucoup de nouveau, on stabilise au fur 脿 et 脿 mesure Wolfo.

Major bug fixes and new features

11 May 10:27
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  • Ajout d'un syst猫me multi-langage (merci 脿 @TitiLaPierre)
  • Refonte totale du style et couleurs de Wolfo
  • Grande optimisation du code
  • Plus de 10 bugs corrig茅s

First modifications following user reports

17 Apr 16:53
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  • Commande de d茅bogage
  • Ajout du mode d茅veloppeur
  • Correction de la cumulation des r么les (merci 脿 Lyms#2973)
  • Ajout d'un tutoriel explicatif d'installation (merci 脿 Lyms#2973)
  • Correction du nombre de joueurs incorrect (merci 脿 mathias#0792)
  • Correction des points de t茅l茅portation non fonctionnels (merci 脿 carlodrift#0758)
  • Ajout de cr茅dits incluant les futurs contributeurs & d茅veloppeurs
  • Correction du chest dans l'inventaire des r么les
  • Correction de commandes indisponibles

First public release

10 Apr 16:07
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First public release Pre-release

After months of development, we need your feedback as well as your tests to accelerate the development and the discovery of malfunctions. Note that this is only a pre-release, since we are aware that there will obviously be bugs that we will correct after your comments.

It is also an opportunity for us to gather your opinions and advice! We thank you very much if you contribute to this project.

Preview version

12 Apr 14:02
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Preview version Pre-release

This script is still not finished and should not be used for any purpose other than testing it. The next version will be more complete and stable, and will be published on the forums. Many other features are yet to come. Thanks for your understanding!