An emojified dialect of brainf**k written in Rust.
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An emojified dialect of brainf**k written in Rust.

Created By Romulus10 and InsidiousMind


Brainf**k is an esoteric, Turing-complete programming language created in 1993 by Urban Müller. It consists of 8 commands and an instruction pointer. Usually, the commands are used to move along a single array of individual bytes and increment, decrement, input, and output.


This is our own special take on brainf**k - instead of the traditional commands, it uses UTF-8 emojis. The commands are as follows:

Emoji UTF-8 Code Points Unicode Meaning Brainf**k Equivalent
🔥 F0 9F 94 A5 U+1F525 Move Right >
💯 F0 9F 92 AF U+1F4AF Move Left <
💩 F0 9F 92 A9 U+1F4A9 Decrement -
😂 F0 9F 98 82 U+1F602 Increment +
💞 F0 9F 92 9E U+1F49E Output .
🙏 F0 9F 99 8F U+1F64F Input ,
🌚 F0 9F 8C 9A U+1F31A Jump Forward [
🐸 F0 9F 90 B8 U+1F438 Jump Backward ]

Programs are represented by strings of these emojis in text files. In brainf**k, a Hello World program might look something like this:


The emotif**k equivalent is:


"The only reason someone would do something like this if they could, which they can't, would be because they could, which they can't." - Rick Sanchez