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Converts Anki decks into Mochi decks
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Convert anki notes into mochi notes


  • set up repo
    • git clone repo
    • cd repo
    • bundle install
  • Export Anki deck as Json file
    • Download CrowdAnki Addon
    • File > Export > Save (From Anki Desktop)
      • File format = CrowdAnki Json representation
      • Include = Deck Name(don’t use “ALL Decks”)
    • the json file should be saved or move to the am_deck_converter/anki_decks directory
    • repeat for each deck
  • Convert the decks
    • ruby app.rb
      • converted decks will be inside am_deck_converter/moch_decks directory
      • each deck will have its own directory
  • Import newly created mochi decks
    • Add Deck > Import Deck (From Mochi Desktop)
      • select the .mochi file from the moch_decks directory
    • repeat for each deck


  • Decks must be exported and imported one by one
    • Mochi(at the time of this tool's creation) doesn’t supports deck collection exports or imports
    • Anki does support deck collection exports, but because of Mochi’s limitation, you will need to export one by one.
  • Conversion
    • Due to the limitations of the converter gem I'm using not all html is converted into markdown. Most should get converted, the lingering HTML is stripped out.
    • all content(excluding media files and tags) should be transfered
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