Provides python utilities for AssaultCube.
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Provides python utilities to AssaultCube written by Ronald_Reagan

List of contents:

A python module for interacting with AssaultCube in various ways. Currently just reading, editing, and writing map files (cgz and cfg).
mapfiles/ - submodule for interacting with cgz and cfg files
--------/ - defines classes and functions for reading and writing .cfg files. Main class is MapCFG.
--------/ - defines classes and functions for reading and writing .cfg files. Main class is ACMap.
--------/ - defines constant values. This includes team numbers, currentmapformat (the currently supported map file format), cubetypes and such.
--------/ - contains random utilities that may be used.

A directory containg files using PyACube. ./ - a almost completely random map generator. The map is fully playable, however probably will not provide too much gameplay value. Demonstrates basic usage of the cgz module.
./ - a simple hello world program, pointing out basic map manipulation.
./ - cleans out all unused textures, mapmodels, and sounds from a maps config file. Demonstrates useage of both the cgz and cfg modules.
./ - a demo showing all the macros in the macro part of the module.
./ - a couple tools to make and view macros.

Contains standalone programs. May use PyACube.
./ - cleans out ipblacklists and nicknameblacklists of unwanted bans and accepts. Also can add in entries.
./BnW - Converts a packages folder to black and white. As well providing support for partial desaturation.