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Isomoprhic Hot Reload Boilerplate

🔥 Hot reloading of both client and server 🔥


Project aim is to maximise dev efficiency and your iteration loop out of the box. It provides/uses the following tech & features:

  • Webpack 4
  • Express
  • React
  • React Router
  • React Fast Refresh
  • Babel
  • Jest
  • Postgres
  • Graphql
  • Apollo Client & Server
  • Code splitting
  • Server side rendering - React & Apollo
  • Production ready full-stack builds
  • Automatically opens browser window in development and closes in the event of a node process exit
  • Watches for server side changes and reloads the browser
  • Handles all files in memory for the fastest possible update times.

If you're looking for a speedier set up than using browser-sync, webpack dev server or nodemon, then this might be for you.

Developed using Windows; if there's a linux/mac issue, let me know.


git clone


The src directory holds all of your source files:

  • The client folder contains all client side code. It currently has a simple client.js file. update the following line to your colour of choice to see changes reflected in your browser : = 'whatever-colour'
  • The server folder contains the express app and a server side renderer middleware i.e. function. You can extend off of this by adding an express router.
  • The react folder is for your react app
  • The dev tools folder contains hot reloading and other dev related code.

Known Issues

Using paths with spaces i.e. C:/users/foo/project/my project/ may result in a 404 response when serving files in memory. Therefore, make sure your project paths have no spaces in them.

Support & Suggestions

Please open an issue for support