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added renderable naming and get renderable by name

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RonenNess committed Nov 7, 2014
1 parent 22fbfed commit 9ece180c7d375bdc17e3fb15a3620c565a2d86e3
@@ -165,6 +165,16 @@ namespace Ness
RenderablePtr BaseNode::get_son(const String& name)
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < m_entities.size(); i++)
if (m_entities[i]->get_name() == name)
return m_entities[i];
return RenderablePtr();
void BaseNode::render(const CameraPtr& camera)
// if invisible skip
@@ -63,6 +63,10 @@ namespace Ness
NESSENGINE_API virtual unsigned int get_sons_count() const {return (unsigned int)m_entities.size();}
NESSENGINE_API virtual RenderablePtr get_son(unsigned int index) {return m_entities[index];}
// get son from name. will return empty ptr if not found.
// if there are multiple sons with the same name, will return the first one found.
NESSENGINE_API virtual RenderablePtr get_son(const String& name);
// called whenever transformations are updated
NESSENGINE_API virtual void transformations_update();
@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ namespace Ness
bool m_visible; // should this renderable be displayed or not
int m_flags; // flags you can set on this renderable for any purpose
void* m_user_data; // optional user data you can attach to this object
String m_name; // optional name to assign to this renderable
NESSENGINE_API RenderableAPI(Renderer* renderer) :
@@ -72,6 +73,10 @@ namespace Ness
NESSENGINE_API inline void set_visible(bool Visible) {m_visible = Visible;}
NESSENGINE_API inline bool is_visible() const {return m_visible;}
// set/get this entity name
NESSENGINE_API inline void set_name(const String& name) {m_name = name;}
NESSENGINE_API inline const String& get_name() const {return m_name;}
// set/get flags
NESSENGINE_API inline int get_flags() const {return m_flags;}
NESSENGINE_API inline void set_flags(int flags) {m_flags = flags;}
@@ -0,0 +1,68 @@
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{{Infobox Software
| name = Ness-Engine
| logo =
| screenshot =
| caption =
| developer = Ronen Ness
| latest_release_version = '''1.4.3'''
| latest_release_date = November 01, 2014
| latest_preview_version =
| latest_preview_date =
| operating_system = [[Cross-platform]]
| genre = [[Video game]]
| license = [[zlib License|zlib]]
| website = [|]
'''Ness-Engine''' is an [[open source]] 2D rendering engine written in [[C++|C++]] under the [[zlib License|zlib]] license.<ref name=""></ref> It uses [[Simple DirectMedia Layer|SDL2.0]] for rendering and event handling.
== Design ==
The engine is primarily designed for an [[object-oriented]] approach to scene rendering; Every renderable object in the engine is either an entity or a scene node arranged in a [[Scene graph]] structure, transformations and other rendering effects are inherited from parent nodes to their sons.
== Languages ==
The engine is written in [[C++]] and currently have no bindings to other languages.
== Features ==
Ness-Engine provides the following graphic functions:
* [[Sprite (computer graphics) | Sprites]]:
** Support scaling, rotation, flipping, alpha blending, mod and additive blending, color tinting and opacity.
** Render on sprites, masking using external texture.
** Sprite sheet animation.
** Extendable sprite class.
* Rendering utilities:
** Built-in [[Z-order | z-ordering]].
** 2D lighting effects.
** [[Particle system | 2D Particles system]].
** 2D Camera object with limits and auto-focusing on given target.
** Built-in [[Tile engine | tile engine]], extendable into [[Isometric graphics in video games and pixel art | Isometric tile engine]].
** Built-in background scrolling / [[Parallax scrolling | Parallax scrolling]].
** Rendering targets that allows to render an entire scene or node onto a texture or sprite.
** Static nodes to render massive amount of static entities with low cost.
* Text:
** Built in text object with multi-lines support.
** Text supports all Sprite transformations and effects.
** Replaceable fonts, support any ttf format.
* File Types:
** Support textures from file types: [[Graphics Interchange Format | GIF]], [[BMP file format | BMP]], [[Portable Network Graphics | PNG]], [[JPEG | JPEG]].
* Input:
** Keyboard/mouse input manager.
* Shapes:
** Render shapes.
** filled/outlined.
<references />
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==External links==
* [ Official website]
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