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Ludum Dare 44 game + engine using Vulkan
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Worked to Death

Roninkoi 2019 Ludum Dare 44

You’re an overworked Grim Reaper trying not to get fired.
Your boss has set you an ever increasing quota of souls to
claim and your family’s expenses threaten to ruin your finances.
Can you keep your salary up and pay the bills?

Featured: crazy physics and nightmarish landscapes.

Claim souls that are RED. Claiming innocent souls causes a
monetary penalty (-3). You have to meet your soul quota in
your shift, which can range from 12 hours to 24 hours. At the
end of each day you will receive money based on your salary.
If your money can't cover your bills or you don't meet your
quota, the game ends.

There is a day/night cycle that can make recognizing colors
The levels are randomly generated.

--- Controls ---

WASD ---------- move
LEFT/RIGHT ---- turn
SPACE --------- attack (claim soul)

The game was programmed in Go using Vulkan (vulkan-go).
GLFW is used for windowing. It uses my own engine, Gorium.
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