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Color Picker

One Color Picker to rule them all! No overhelming menus or settings. An easy tool with the features you need.


  • Pick a color with the zoomable Magnifier
  • Choose between multiple Color Formats
  • Let the Color History remember your last colors

ColorPicker Screenshot


On elementaryOS? Simply install Color Picker from AppCenter:

Get it on AppCenter

For other Debian-based systems, you can download and install the latest .deb file.

For other systems, you will need to compile the package yourself. See the instructions below.

Build from source

If you like to build ColorPicker yourself, take a look at the file.


You'll need the following dependencies to compile ColorPicker:

  • granite
  • libgtk-3-dev
  • meson
  • valac


Here's a sample list of commands for building the package from source. These have been tested to work correctly on Ubuntu 18.04.

sudo apt install valac libgranite-dev
git clone
cd ColorPicker/
chmod +x