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Wammer lets you kick out all clients in your Wi-Fi network, so you can enjoy its full bandwidth. Best part of the story: everything works fully automatically!

Wammer uses the aircrack-ng suite and requires a compatible Wi-Fi device to work. See below for more information.

Wammer Screenshot


This software is for educational purposes only. Jamming Wi-Fi networks might violate certain laws or regulations in your country. Make sure you have the network owner's permission to run this program. You are using this software on your own risk.

Installation & Requirements

To run Wammer you'll need to…

  • install the Wammer app
  • install aircrack-ng
  • get a Wi-Fi device which supports monitor mode

install Wammer

On elementaryOS simply install Wammer from AppCenter:

Get it on AppCenter

Otherwise you can download and install the latest .deb file.

Install aircrack-ng

The aircrack-ng suite is a bunch of Wi-Fi (hacking) tools. You can simply install it from the Ubuntu Software repository: sudo apt install aircrack-ng

Wi-Fi device

Furthermore you‘ll need a Wi-Fi card which aircrack-ng is able to put into monitor-mode. See the aircrack-ng page for supported devices or simply try it out. This software was tested with a TP-Link TL-WN722N adapter.

Technical background

Wi-Fi jamming isn‘t magic! It basically relies on a fault in the WPA/WPA2 handshake design.

Thereby it's possible to send „de-auth“ packages to the multicast address of a Wi-Fi network. In result all connected clients get disconnected from it. Aircrack-ng implements it in a way that all clients, except the sending one, get kicked out.

De-auth packages always get send unencrypted. That means it would be technically possible to disconnect clients of a WPA/WPA2 encrypted Wi-Fi network even if you‘re not connected to it. However Wammer is implement in a way that makes it necessary to be connected to the attacked Wi-Fi network.


You'll need the following dependencies to build:

  • granite
  • libgtk-3-dev
  • meson
  • valac
  • aircrack-ng

Build, Install and Run