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import {core, flags, SfdxCommand} from '@salesforce/command';
import {AnyJson} from '@salesforce/ts-types';
import jsToXml = require('js2xmlparser');
import fs = require('fs-extra');
import shellJS = require('shelljs');
import emoji = require('node-emoji');
const path = require('path');
const options = {
declaration: {
include: true,
encoding: 'UTF-8',
version: '1.0'
format: {
doubleQuotes: true
// Initialize Messages with the current plugin directory
// Load the specific messages for this file. Messages from @salesforce/command, @salesforce/core,
// or any library that is using the messages framework can also be loaded this way.
// const messages = core.Messages.loadMessages('sfdx-selective-retrieve-deploy', 'pull');
const pkgDir = 'pkgDirTemp';
export default class Retrieve extends SfdxCommand {
// This static variable sets the command description for help
public static description = 'Retrieves specific metadata/s to a sepcified location'; // messages.getMessage('');
public static examples = [
`sfdx gs:source:retrieve --type ApexClass --names MyClass1,MyClass2 --targetdir app/main/default/classes
// retrieves MyClass1 and MyClass2 from an org (sratch/non-scratch) to the provided directory location
i.e app/main/default directory
sfdx gs:source:retrieve --type Layout --names Layout1 --targetdir app/main/default --includedir
// retrieves Layout1 along with the layouts folder from an org (sratch/non-scratch) to the provided directory
location i.e app/main/default directory
sfdx gs:source:retrieve --type PermissionSet --targetdir app/main/default --includedir
// retrieves all the permission sets along with the PermissionSet folder from an org (sratch/non-scratch) to the provided directory
location i.e. app/main/default directory
// This static variale sets the flags/params for the commands along with
// their description for the help
protected static flagsConfig = {
// flag with a value (-n, --name=VALUE)
names: flags.array({char: 'n', required: false, description: 'Name of the component/s to retrieve'}),
type: flags.string({char: 't', required: true, description: 'Type of the components to retrieve, only support one component at a time'}),
targetdir: flags.string({char: 'd', required: true, description: 'Path of target directory where the component needs to be pulled'}),
includedir: flags.boolean({char: 'i', description: 'If you want to retrieve the directory as well along with the metadata components'}),
// TODO: Create a separate command for retrieving components in metadata format.
mdapiformat: flags.boolean({char: 'm', description: 'If you want to retrieve the content in mdapi format'})
// This static variable makes the org username required for the command
protected static requiresUsername = true;
public async run(): Promise<AnyJson> {
// Setting some initial messages for the command when it runs
const outputString = emoji.emojify(`Grabbing :truck: metadata for you from :cloud: with Id ${}. Meanwhile you can :eyes: away from the :desktop_computer: for 20 seconds!`);
this.ux.log(emoji.emojify(':rocket: Working on it................................... :rocket:'));
if (this.flags.type === 'CustomObject' || this.flags.type === 'CustomField' || this.flags.type === 'ListView'
|| this.flags.type === 'ValidationRule' || this.flags.type === 'RecordType') {
// Change the working directory to a temporary SFDX project'tempSFDXProject');
// Create and write the sfdx-project.json to tempSFDXProject
// to give it the sfdx nature so that sfdx force:source:convert
// can work
fs.writeJson('sfdx-project.json', {
packageDirectories: [{
path: 'tempModule',
default: true}],
namespace: '',
sfdcLoginUrl: '',
sourceApiVersion: await}, err => {
if (err) {
this.ux.error(`Something went wrong ${err}`);
// Get rid of the temp sfdx project folder
shellJS.exec('rm -rf tempSFDXProject');
return err;
this.ux.log(emoji.emojify('Retrieval started.......'));
// retrieve the component
const output = shellJS.exec(`sfdx force:source:retrieve -m ${this.flags.type}:${this.flags.names} --targetusername ${} --json`).stdout;
const outputJSON = JSON.parse(output);
const retrievedFilePath = outputJSON.result.inboundFiles[0].filePath;'..');
// copy the retrieved content to the target directory
const fileName = path.basename(`tempSFDXProject/${retrievedFilePath}`);
fs.copySync(`tempSFDXProject/${retrievedFilePath}`, `${this.flags.targetdir}/${fileName}`);
// Get rid of the temp sfdx project folder
shellJS.exec('rm -rf tempSFDXProject');
return {};
} else {
// Creating the pckgDir directory which acts as temporary location
// to retreive the package and perform necessary actions during the command run
// fs.ensureDirSync(this.flags.targetdir);
const packageJSON = {
'@': {
xmlns: ''
types: [],
version: await
// If no name is passed, set it to * to pull all components of
// the type passed as param
members: this.flags.names ? this.flags.names : '*',
name: this.flags.type
const packageXMl = jsToXml.parse('Package', packageJSON, options);
fs.writeFileSync(`./${pkgDir}/package.xml`, packageXMl);
const output = shellJS.exec(`sfdx force:mdapi:retrieve -k ${pkgDir}/package.xml -r ./${pkgDir} -w 30 -u ${} --json`);
shellJS.exec(`unzip -qqo ./${pkgDir}/ -d ./${pkgDir}`);
shellJS.exec(`rm -rf ./${pkgDir}/`);
shellJS.exec(`rm -rf ./${pkgDir}/unpackaged/package.xml`);
// Get the list of all the folders inside the newly unzipped folder
async function getDirectories(path) {
const filesAndDirectories = await fs.readdir(path);
let directories = [];
await Promise.all( => {
return fs.stat(path + name)
.then(stat => {
if (stat.isDirectory()) {
return directories;
// convert the name to source formatted name for all the files
async function renameFiles(directory, inSourceFormat) {
console.log('directory', directory);
if (inSourceFormat) {
let files = await fs.readdir(directory);
files.forEach(file => {
fs.rename(`${directory}/${file}`, `${directory}/${file}-meta.xml`, err => {
if ( err ) console.log('ERROR: ' + err);
let directories = await getDirectories(`${pkgDir}/unpackaged/`);
await renameFiles(`${pkgDir}/unpackaged/${directories[0]}`, !this.flags.mdapiformat);
// Copy over all the contents from one folder(first one, assuming there would always be one folder)
// to the provided target directory
const source = this.flags.includedir ? `${pkgDir}/unpackaged ` : `${pkgDir}/unpackaged/${directories[0]}`;
fs.copy(source, `${this.flags.targetdir}`)
.then(() => {
shellJS.exec(`rm -rf ./${pkgDir}`);
.catch(err => {
// Return an object to be displayed with --json
return { output };
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