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Advanced Auto-Type

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License: GPL v3

This KeePass plugin enhances KeePass' Auto-Type feature.

  • Various enhancements to the Auto-Type entry selection
  • Hotkey to Auto-Type password only - if configured followed by [Enter]
  • Hotkey to Auto-Type username only - if configured followed by [Enter]
  • Hotkey to AutoType an alternative sequence

Table of Contents


Advanced Auto-Type integrates into KeePass' options form.
Options 1
Options 2

In the first tab you can configure the hotkeys Advanced Auto-Type will react on.
In the second tab you can (de)activate the enhancements to the Auto-Type entry selection.


Auto-Type hotkey configuration

This tab basically mimics KeePass' integration tab with regards to hotkeys.
You can define hotkeys for Global Auto-Type and Global Auto-Type password only in both tabs.

In addition, you can define whether Global Auto-Type password only will send an [Enter] key after the password was auto-typed.
You can also define the hotkey for the Advanced Auto-Type specific sequence.

This is only possible on Windows.

Auto-Type entry selection enhancements

While the Auto-Type entry selection is a great way to pick one of the matching candidates, it still lacks some features that this plugin adds.

  • Search as you type allows filtering entries in the result list - can be helpful in case many entries are found
  • Sortable columns
  • Show database name if entries from more than one database are shown
  • Exclude entries in expired groups
  • Windows only: Click username / password to only auto-type those - if configured, the Auto-Type entry selection form will stay open

Entry selection 1

Entry selection 2

Auto-Type an alternative sequence

There are quite a few sites that (occasionally) require you to enter different data beside username and/or password, e. g. an OTP, a PIN, ...
Advanced Auto-Type offers the {AAT} placeholder for that.


Global Auto-Type will type {USERNAME}{TAB}{PASSWORD}{ENTER} AAT hotkey will autotype {S:PIN}{ENTER} Password only hotkey will autotype the password - {ENTER} is optional and the {AAT} placeholder is NOT required in this case

Entry selection AAT

As you can see, Advanced Auto-Type ensures that only entries having an alternative sequence defined are shown.

Auto-Type password only

Although KeePass now offers this as one more hotkey out of the box, I decided to keep it a part of this plugin.
Advanced Auto-Type will let you choose between two options:

  • AutoType the password
  • Auto-Type password followed by [ENTER] to automatically submit the login form

Quick add window titles to Auto-Type sequences

Advanced Auto-Type offers a shortcut to add window titles to entries' Auto-Type sequences.

Select the entry/entries and pick the window title from the context menu.
Press [Shift] to directly edit the added sequence.


Advanced Auto-Type is provided with English language built-in and allow usage of translation files. These translation files need to be placed in a folder called Translations inside in your plugin folder. If a text is missing in the translation file, it is backfilled with English text. You're welcome to add additional translation files by creating a pull request as described in the wiki.

Naming convention for translation files: <plugin name>.<language identifier>.language.xml

The language identifier in the filename must match the language identifier inside the KeePass language that you can select using View -> Change language...
This identifier is shown there as well, if you have EarlyUpdateCheck installed

Download & updates

Please follow these links to download the plugin file itself.

If you're interested in any of the available translations in addition, please download them from the Translations folder.

In addition to the manual way of downloading the plugin, you can use EarlyUpdateCheck to update both the plugin and its translations automatically.
See the one click plugin update wiki for more details.


  • KeePass: 2.42
  • .NET framework: 3.5