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Debug a DropWizard app using Rookout

A sample app for debugging DropWizard using Rookout.

Before following this guide we recommend reading the basic [Java + Rookout] guide


The entire app is only two Java files and a pom.xml. The Java files are split into the application (with the main method) and the resource (i.e. the routes).

source repository

Setting Up The Application

To test the example application run the following commands:

  • To create the example, package the application using Apache Maven from the root dropwizard directory, run:
        mvn package

Deploy and Run Rookout's Java Agent

  1. Download:

    $ curl -L "" -o rook.jar
  2. Run:

    java -javaagent:rook.jar -jar target/dropwizard-example-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar server

Debug with Rookout's IDE

  1. Go to and add your sources

  2. Add a Breakpoint at src/main/java/ : Line 12

  3. Trigger the Breakpoint by navigating to our HelloWorld route:


For more information

Visit our online documentation:

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