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Quickstart for debugging Java + Oracle WebLogic

A sample application for debugging Java + Oracle WebLogic using Rookout.

Before following this guide we recommend reading the basic Java + Rookout guide.

Running the app

  1. Download the Rookout Java Agent
  2. Add the Rookout Java Agent and set your organization token in the script
        JAVA_OPTIONS="${SAVE_JAVA_OPTIONS} -javaagent=<ROOK_LOCATION>/rook.jar"
        export ROOKOUT_TOKEN="<Your-Rookout-Token>"
  3. Start your WebLogic server
  4. Build and deploy the WebLogic webservice: You can change the weblogic configuration in the weblogic-helloworld/build.xml
    default url is localhost:7001
    default username/password is weblogic:weblogic12
    $ cd weblogic-helloworld
    $ ant -lib $WEBLOGIC_HOME/wlserver/server/lib/weblogic.jar
    The built web application is now situated in output/helloWorldEar/helloWorldEar.war
  5. Test your WebService using the WebLogic Test Client
  6. Go to and start debugging !

Rookout Integration explained

This example is based of the Java javalin "Hello-World" example available [here].

We have added Rookout to the original project by:

  1. Including source files and compiling with debug information in the ant task:

       <target name="build-service">
               <module name="${}">
                   <jws file="examples/webservices/hello_world/"
                   <zipfileset dir=".">
                       <include name="src/**"/>
  2. Downloading the Rookout Java Agent available on maven central:

        wget ""  -O rook.jar
  3. Specified the Rookout Java Agent in Weblogic startup script:

    • File location: WEBLOGIC_HOME/user_projects/domains/DOMAIN_NAME/bin/

    • Find the line JAVA_OPTIONS="${SAVE_JAVA_OPTIONS} "

    • Append the Rookout SDK (aka "Rook") :

         JAVA_OPTIONS="${SAVE_JAVA_OPTIONS} -javaagent=ROOK_LOCATION/rook.jar"
    • Set your ROOKOUT_TOKEN:
         export ROOKOUT_TOKEN="<Your-Rookout-Token>"
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