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Quickstart for Node.js + Rookout in the App Engine Flexible Environment

A sample application for using Rookout + Node.js + App Engine Flexible.

Before following this guide we recommend reading the basic Node + Rookout guide.

This sample may be out of date. If you face any issues, please reach out to and let us know.

Deploying to App Engine

  1. Deploy the service:
$ npm run deploy
  1. Access the URL provided to you once phase 3 successfully done to make sure our demo application is up and running.
  2. Go to and start debugging the service!

Rookout Integration explained

This example is based of the Google App Engine "Hello-World" example available here.

We have added Rookout to original project by:

  1. Adding Rookout to package.json

  2. Adding the following snippet to your application code (app.js)

var rookout = require('rookout/auto_start');
  1. Adding the following env_variables to app.yaml:
  ROOKOUT_TOKEN: "<Your Rookout Token>"
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