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Quickstart for debugging an Electron vue app using Rookout

A sample application for debugging an Electron Vue app using Rookout

Before following this guide we recommend reading the basic Node + Rookout guide

Rookout Integration Explained

Follow these simple steps to integrate Rookout into your existing Node-Electron application:

  1. Adding the Rookout SDK to package.json available on npm:

    $ npm install --save rookout
  2. Export Organization Token:

    $ export ROOKOUT_TOKEN=<Your-Token>
  3. Adding a require statement to the project entry file (src/main/index.js):

    const rookout = require('rookout')
  4. Modify all webpack .config.js files (.electron-vue/webpack. [main, renderer, web] .config.js) by changing the way webpack is packed:

    devtool: 'inline-source-map',

    in .electron-vue/webpack.main.config.js change the webConfig as following:

    let webConfig = {
    devtool: 'inline-source-map',
    entry: {
     web: path.join(__dirname, '../src/renderer/main.js')
  5. Build your electron application

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