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Quickstart for Python + Flask

A sample application for using Rookout API to debug Python Flask apps.

Before following this guide we recommend reading the basic Python + Rookout guide.

Running locally

  1. Clone and install dependencies:
   git clone
   cd deployment-examples/python-flask
   pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Export organization token:
	export ROOKOUT_TOKEN=<Your Rookout Token>
  1. Run the Flask server:
    # starts the server (default URL: http://localhost:5000)
  1. Make sure everything worked: http://localhost:5000

  2. Go to and start debugging!

Rookout Integration explained

  1. Rookout's Python SDK was installed as part of requirements.txt / pip install rook

  2. Add the import to the main file of the application import rook

  3. Start the SDK using rook.start() as early as possible in your code - it will look for the ROOKOUT_TOKEN environment variable, or can be passed as a parameter rook.start(token="ROOKOUT_TOKEN")

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